As college girls convenience is key!  We love to cook with beef and enjoy nothing more than a steak.  As we mentioned yesterday in our inaugural post, steak is a comfort food for us.  Any opportunity to sit at the table with a rare steak is more than welcomed.  Another factor that college girls face is cost.  We are on a budget, like many of you, and value our hard earned dollar.  The product name of the steak  that we found at Wal-Mart is distributed by Stampede Meat Inc. and is found in the frozen beef section of your local store. (Next to the frozen hamburger patties) They come individually vacuum sealed in a box of 6 for $8.98.   Two varieties are available, New York Strip and Ribeye. We have not yet tried the New York Strip but we plan to soon.  A reliable source, our friend Ryan Goodman, tried them today and thoroughly enjoyed them.  He is the source of the picture for today’s post.

I don’t think you can even imagine our excitement, when we stumbled across this find!  We were thrilled! So now you too can enjoy a delicious steak at the drop of a hat, just like on the ranch.  It’s this simple, thaw overnight in the refrigerator or in lukewarm water in the sink.  Then, grill or pan sear according to your liking.

Cost for box of 6 steaks: $8.98

** It is important not to overcook beef! That is the surest way to make beef bland and boring. Steaks are best when they are cooked medium rare to medium, with some people eating theirs rare and some people medium well. Well done steaks should be banned in our opinion, try it medium well if you must have it dry but please don’t overcook, it will not taste right! Because steaks are not ground up like hamburger, there are not germs inside the steak, allowing for steaks to be eaten rare. You have to sear both sides, but leave the inside to your desired degree of doneness.

Sit down and enjoy a delicious steak produced by families like yours today!

~ Anna-Lisa

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