Good Monday morning to you. Hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better week. This girl (Amy) is pretty excited because I’m headed west on Thursday, and get to spend the over a week at the ranch. I need a dirt road and brothers to cook for and sisters and a Dad and Mom to cook with! Not to mention panhandle nights, feeding heifers and lots of laughing! Fun times comin’ up.


| Beef Taco’s for Breakfast |

Beef for breakfast is easy and fast, use leftover beef like steak or roast, scramble eggs wrap it in a tortilla and you have a great protein rich breakfast for you and your family. If you are watching carbs like we are, Josephs flat Pita Bread with 8 carbs is a great substitute for tortillas. They taste great and we love them!

3 cups chopped Roast
6 Eggs
1 T. Cream or Half and Half  
¼ cup Green Chilies
¼ cup Cheese
¼ tsp. Salt
¼ tsp. Pepper
dash of Smoked Chili Powder
Warm Tortillas

Chop up the roast into small pieces, warm in a skillet with a little oil or butter if the meat is dry. In a mixing bowl whisk eggs, green chilies, cheese and the dash of chili powder until creamy.

A note about scrambling eggs, slow is best on low heat. Scrambling eggs on high heat scorches eggs and there is just nothing worse. It is best to pour eggs in a warm skillet, turn up the heat no higher than medium and continue stirring with a spatula until they are done. You have to continually stir or they will stick. I know it takes patience but they will be better if you take your time.

Warm tortilla’s in the microwave, layer meat on the bottom, add scrambled eggs and cheese on top if you like. Fold over like a soft taco and eat hot with a hot cup of joe and a glass of juice for a satisfying start to your day!

Total Cost:
Pita Bread = $1.38
Eggs = $0.78
Cheese = $0.11
Green Chilies = $0.34
1 Roast = $8.50/5 servings = $1.85 (approximately the cost of 3 cups of leftover roast)
Total Cost = $4.46
Cost per plate = $2.23


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