Hello everyone, it’s that time of year, Spring Break, students are out of school and families are taking vacations. Most students like to go soak up the sun on the beach, or ski the slopes of the Rockies, but I’m content to be home. Hauling with my family to watch sibling’s rodeo and simply enjoy relaxing at the ranch, out of town and away from deadlines! I am the eldest of 7 children, and my brother RA and I have both moved away for school. Tonight it was so fun to all get together in Amarillo and eat out as the family of 9 we are; it does not happen near enough. 


This Friday I will be in Fort Worth at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association School for Successful Ranching. It is being held during the 2010 annual convention. I am looking forward to the sessions in Successful Planning, Alternative Marketing Strategies and Risk Management, which are just a few of the great sessions available this year. I am excited to continue learning as in January, Anna-Lisa, my brother RA and my cousin Brad and I were all able to attend the Cattleman’s College at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Associations convention in San Antonio. Due to us attending and being around so many inspirational industry leaders, and hearing those industry experts speak, it influenced Anna-Lisa and I greatly. It helped to fuel the desire do something about our passion for beef, and take the next step which for us was starting this site. I can’t wait to learn even more at Cattle Raisers, and will hopefully be able to pass many things on to you through BeefonaBudget.com.


Sweet Anna-Lisa is busy this week at the Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City. She is interning with Cargill this spring and will be working all week in the city. If you are at the OYE, stop by the Showmaster booth, she would love to visit with you.  She will do a great job I know helping Cargill at the “World’s Largest Youth Livestock Show.”

If any of you are going to attend either one of these events, please look us up! We would love to meet and visit with you! Please email or Facebook us here that you will be in Cowtown or at OYE. It would be a honor, I assure you!
This week is going to go so fast, but try to enjoy it! Be happy wherever you are and don’t be afraid to try something new, shoot for the moon and if you miss, you’ll land in the stars!

God bless you all, keep eating beef and please let us know how you spent your spring break! We are always thrilled to hear from you!