Good evening!  It’s once again Monday, you know what that means….. Beef For Breakfast Monday!  What a WILD (Working  Intently to Live my Dreams) Monday this one has turned out to be.  As Amy mentioned Friday, I have been in Oklahoma City for the OYE this past weekend.  I made a quick run to Stillwater this afternoon to post, grab some forgotten things, and prepare mentally for the rest of the week.  In the morning I head back to OKC to help put on, “This One’s For The Girls”, an event hosted by the Diamond Hats at the OYE, and the rest of the week will be Showmaster filled, of course I will be sprinkling in and Mary Kay along the way.  When I was driving home this evening running through a list of all the things I needed to get done, I was very overwhelmed.  This laundry list of things to get done before sunset is not new, because let’s face it Amy and I always have quite a few irons in the fire.  In times like this it is important for me to examine my motives.  Why do I do the things I do?  Simple, I am passionate about them.  I am passionate about enriching youth through companies like Showmaster and activities like the OYE and the Diamond Hats Organization, I am passionate about helping women to feel confident, and I am passionate about promoting beef and helping consumers to use it every day! 

This recipe was inspired by my need to create something full of protein, iron, calcium and I wanted to feel like I was home.  My family is Swiss-Italian, Italians often cook with spinach and tomatoes, so I decided to combine some of my favorite things and create an Italian breakfast dish that is delicious and you can recreate in a snap!  I got home, kicked off my boots, turned up some Chris LeDoux and headed for the kitchen.  The result…. Anna-Lisa’s Italian Eggs! 

Anna-Lisa’s Italian Eggs
½ lb Beef breakfast Sausage
½ Medium Sweet Onion (coarse chopped)
½ Cup Cherry Tomatoes (sliced in half)
½ Cup Fresh Spinach (Swiss chard if you have it)
½ Cup cheese (I used cheddar but any kind will do)
1 T minced garlic
6 Eggs

Note - We cook meat with wooden untencils, if this is your preference they should be washed in the dishwasher to avoid housing and spreading germs.

In a large skillet brown the beef sausage (I used homemade, from Dad’s recipe, but sometimes it can be found in the grocery store).  Next, chop the onions and add them and garlic to the browning meat.  Let the onions begin to caramelize then add the tomatoes.  Let the tomatoes begin to reduce.  At this time you can scramble your eggs with a whisk in a bowl.   When the tomatoes are beginning to wither, add the spinach and let it wilt.  Once the spinach has wilted, add the eggs.  Continue to cook on medium heat (no hotter, or eggs will scorch, yuck!) until the eggs are done to your liking.  At this time add some cheese and allow it to melt.  Remove from heat and serve.  

Anna-Lisa’s Italian Eggs Costs
Beef Sausage – $1.27
Onion  – $0.53
Tomatoes – $1.04
Spinach – $0.64
Cheese – $0.30
Eggs – $0.55
Total = $ 4.33 (Serves 3)
Per Plate = $1.44

Breakfast is the best way to start the day, head to the table with your family, a great meal and a great cup of joe and have the energy to last the busiest of days! 

Have a wonderful week, Happy Trails ~ Anna-Lisa