Good  Monday afternoon!  I hope that this glorious Monday finds everyone enjoying the sunshine and hints of summer’s coming!  It’s a Monday and you know what that means we are cooking with roast!  Twice actually!  Haha! You see yesterday was a very humbling experience for me.  It was about time I had a kitchen disaster!  You see I had this plan that I was going to cook the roast like a brisket in the oven and serve it with BBQ sauce.  Great idea right!  So I pan seared the roast, put it in the oven at about 9 a.m. added some water and went for a walk with the girls.  Then at about noon we decided we were going to go have lunch and run errands so I put some more water in the pan and left the house.  Three hours later in a 375˚ oven and what did I have?  A big brick of charcoal!  OMW YUCK! So began my panic.  You see I was having the girls over for supper at 6:30 p.m. it was now 3:30 p.m. and as you know, to get a roast tender takes hours.  So with much disappointment in my neglected and burnt roast I got to thinking.  See at home we eat a cut of meat called a tri-tip.  We cook it in a barrel, it’s a combination of grilling and smoking and I thought to myself.  Hey, I wonder if I could cook a rump roast in a barrel.  It would be a great option for those, like myself, who are unable to buy tri-tip in the grocery store (it is only sold out west for the most part).  It would also be convenient because you could cook a smaller portion instead of the typical size tri tip.  So I ran to the store to buy my second roast of the day, got out my cooking barrel and got after it.  This was a totally experimental situation, but how could it be bad right!?!  Today’s post is just in time for warmer weather, and fresh vegetables and for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed a meal so much like I would have at home!

So get out your barrel, or your charcoal grill, get cookin’ and enjoy the sunshine!

BBQ Roast, Way Out West
1 Rump Roast
Montreal Seasoning
Garlic Powder

You will need charcoal, I used a bag of ready light, so I didn’t have to use lighter fluid.  Place the bag in the fire ring of your barrel, or charcoal grill.  Light the coals and let them burn.  This will clean out your barrel so there is no need to worry about spider webs.  Let the coals burn until they are white.  Keep in mind the coals will burn faster if your door, or vent (on the grill) is open to allow oxygen to easier fuel the fire.  While the fire is burning, let your roast soak in an acidic agent to help tenderize it.  I used coffee, but any citrus juice would work!  Then season your roast.  Cover the roast with Montreal seasoning and garlic powder.  Don’t be afraid to season it too much because we have to remember that some of it will drip off into the coals.  Once the coals are white it is time to put the roast on!  If you are using the barrel go ahead and hook the roast, if not place on the wire rack of your grill.  Close the door, or vent, and put on the lid.  Cook for about 1 hour, depending on the size of the roast of course.  You will know the meat is done by taking its temperature with a meat thermometer.  I take mine out of the barrel when it is 120˚ (Rare) then let it rest for bit.  It will end up being medium rare and will hold all its juices.  It will look a bit different than most grilled food because of the smoking effect the barrel has.  It may have a deep red tint to it!  Take in the house, let it rest then slice it about ¼ in thick.  It is important to slice it against the grain to improve tenderness!  There is no need to serve this delight with BBQ sauce it is tender, juicy and flavorful all on its own.

­Summer Salad
2 Cucumbers Coarse Chopped
½ Medium Red Onion Sliced
3 Medium Roma Tomatoes Quartered
1 Ripe, Chilled and Sliced avocado
1/8 Cup of Red Wine
½ Cup Oil
Salt, Pepper, Sugar

Course chop the cucumbers.  Slice the red onion.  Quarter the tomatoes.  Peel and slice the avocado (will slice easier if chilled first).  Then combine them in a bowl.  Mix up your dressing.  Combining 1/8 C red wine, ½ C oil a dash of salt, pepper, and a ½ teaspoon sugar.  Mix with a fork and pour over the veggies!  Serve chilled and enjoy.  This is great with any summer meal!  I also served this with boiled corn on the cob!

BBQ Roast, Way Out West Costs
1 Rump Roast – $9.57
Seasonings – $0.75
Summer Salad Costs
2 Cucumbers – $2.58
½ Red Onion- $0.30
Tomatoes- $0.88
Avocado- $1.00
Dressing- $0.66
Corn on the Cob- $1.00
Total Costs- $16.74 (Serves 5)
Cost Per Plate- $3.34

Enjoy this Western delight, a delicious and refreshing summer salad, and the signature of summer, corn on the cob.  Pour yourself a glass of ice tea, and enjoy this taste of home!

Happy Trails and God Bless ~ Anna-Lisa