“Like the eagle that flies
Like the sun in the sky
Or the grace God has given to me
It’s free
Things I wouldn’t trade for anything” – Jack Ingram’s new song Free

Yesterday driving I heard this new song, and really listened to the words.  I love the lines above because it is how I feel. The things I love most in life are free! While I was contemplating what to cook to share with y’all, I thought back to New Year’s at my grandparent’s house in January when Dad and I cooked fajitas for 25 members of my family. The memories I made are priceless, and those are worth more than gold to me! So get in the kitchen, and make some memories! Memories are free for the making!

So, here is Fajitas Amy’s style. It is so interesting how people cook this simple favorite so many different ways. Anna-Lisa’s fajitas are very different from mine, but this is how I do it because it is fast and easy.

Fajitas Meat:

2.5 lbs. Tenderized Round Steak or Flank Steak
½ – 1 c. Diet Coke or Grapefruit Juice
1/8 c. Oil
1 Tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
1 Tsp. Garlic Salt
½ Tsp. Chili Powder

Diet Coke you ask? Well, it works as an acid. I don’t use it every time as a marinade, however it was what I had on hand while I was cooking at my friend Lin’s house. My all time favorite marinade for fajitas is grapefruit juice, but orange juice, coffee or Italian dressing will work also. Just use what you have on hand, and Diet Coke works great!

In a large bowl pour your marinade over your meat and let sit for at least 30 minutes. Heat your skillet or your outside grill. I personally love to grill the meat for fajitas, but you don’t have too. Use what you have!

The tip Dad taught me is that when you cook your meat, don’t cut it up. Cook it whole, that way the juices stay within the meat and it does not get as tough. Add your meat to the skillet or grill and sprinkle evenly with your seasonings. (If cooking in skillet, add a small amount of oil as needed so meat does not burn in the pan) On medium heat cook for 2-4 minutes on each side, or until it reaches your desired doneness.

Place cooked meat on a cutting board and let rest for a couple of minutes, so that the juices are absorbed in the meat. Slice across the grain into small strips.

Onions and Peppers:
2-3 Bell Peppers, assorted colors are fun
1 Medium onion sliced thin
2 T. butter
1/8 c. Oil
Garlic Salt

I cook my veggies separately because the onions and peppers cook differently and reach tenderness at different times. I really like my onions to be carmalized, and if you cook your peppers in with the onions by the time your onions reach that point your peppers are overcooked.

Keep enough oil and butter in skillet, to avoid sticking, and cook veggies, when both are done mix together and sprinkle with garlic salt.

Serve on warm tortillas layering meat, veggies and cheese for awesome fajitas.

Amy’s Mexican Rice:
1 c. Minute Rice
½ c. Tomato sauce
½ c. Water
2 T. Green Chili Salsa Verde Sauce

Bring tomato sauce and water to a simmer, add rice and let it reach boil.  Next add the salsa verde sauce and turn off heat. Stir frequently until liquid is absorbed. Before serving fluff rice with a fork.

Quick Refried Beans:
1 can refried beans
Microwavable bowl
½ c. Grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Microwave beans 1 -2 minutes, when hot add cheese and seasonings, mix together.

Hope you enjoy the fajitas that I cook frequently for my family.

Have a happy Wednesday y’all!!!

2.5 lbs. Tenderized Round Steak =$3.39 lb. = $8.90
Bell peppers = $1.60/3 a piece = 4.80
Onion = $0.60
1 c. Minute Rice = $0.30
½ c. Tomato Sauce = $0.17
2 T. Salsa Verde= $0.10
Refried Beans = $0.80
2 c. cheese = $1.05
Assorted Seasonings = $0.30
Butter = $0.20
Oil = $0.15
Cost: $17.37/5
Total Cost Per Plate: $3.47