It is so good to be home!  I am enjoying every minute and gaining inspiration daily.  Yesterday, I was catching up with the online world and stumbled across an article by Men’s Health Magazine that lists lean beef as one of the 15 fat burning foods.  I was elated and so today, we are taking a break from mom posts to share this glorious news!

See I have always known that beef was healthy, but our tasty protein source has, until recently, received a bad reputation.  Saturated fat has been the dark cloud over beef for as long as I can remember.  What has changed that?  The lean beef movement!  Thanks to Laura’s Lean Beef and other lean beef grids, there is some added enticement for producers to market lean beef.  What is our ticket into the health conscious population?  Lean beef is the answer!

An article published by Men’s Health Magazine states, “It takes more energy for your body to digest the protein in meat than it does for it to digest carbohydrates or fat, according to Doug Kalman, R.D., director of nutrition at Miami Research Associates, a nationally recognized pharmaceutical-research facility.”  This means that your body works harder to digest proteins thus burning fat in the process.  In fact according the article researchers at Arizona State University compared individuals on high protein diets to individuals on high carbohydrate diets and found that those consuming large amounts of protein were able to burn twice as many calories in the hours following their meals than those consuming carbohydrates prominently.  Even more exciting news…according to the article researchers in Denmark found that people on high protein diets were able to increase their metabolism by 5%!  Our new slogan…eat more lean beef and increase your metabolism!  Hey it might just be the new diet fad, why not?  The Lean Beef Diet…I like it!

Not only is this research about protein exciting news, but it is also exciting that beef is listed next to chicken and fish in terms of the healthiest protein sources in the meat case!  Way to go cattlemen, this is genetic improvement and industry focus at its best!  Keep up the good work! 

Next time you head to the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal, choose delicious and budget friendly lean beef!  You might just increase your metabolism! 

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