Good afternoon! The sun is finally out after a day of rain yesterday.  Friday is National Hamburger Day so I decided it would be fun to give you a new twist on an old favorite.  The Motherlode Burger is loaded with blue cheese, and topped with jalepenos!  This flavor packed burger can be served with or without a bun and will pair easily with many sides.  I chose broccoli and onion rings!  So gather up your family, head to the kitchen and cook up this Gold Rush worthy burger!

Motherlode Burger
1.5 lbs Ground Beef
1/2 C Blue Cheese
1 Jalepeno
Salt & Pepper


On a cutting board seperate the ground beef into four similar sized balls. 

***We use wood cutting boards. Note you have to be careful to ensure they get cleaned properly so that they don't house germs and bacteria.

Smash each ball flat.  Then place blue cheese crumbles in the center of each round.  Smash the blue cheese into the ground beef, then bring the corners to the center and mold back into a burger shape.  (The blue cheese is now in the center of the burger)  These can be grilled but because it was raining and cold I cooked them in a skillet.  So when cooking a burger in a skillet, put a little bit of canola oil in the pan.  Sear both sides of the burger, then put a little water in the pan and cover with a lid to steam the burger through.  It is important to cook ground beef through to at least medium rare.  Once the burgers come off the stove I top them with a little bit more cheese (I’m a cheese lover!) and then add a “Lightening Q” touch with some Jalapenos, it just adds that kick of flavor!  So delicious!


Easy Onion Rings
1 Bag Frozen Onion Rings
Seasoned Salt


I am a huge fan of homemade onion rings, but I don’t always have the time to prepare them so I have found that Ore Ida Onion Rings are a great substitute for the real thing when you season them with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.  So Before you start preparing your burgers turn on your oil.  I hate having to wait for oil to get hot while everything else is done.  So once your oil is hot place the frozen rings into the oil.  Be careful because ice crystals can cause oil to pop! I use an old fish frying trick (Thanks to Uncle Bob), once the onion rings are floating the are ready to come out of the oil. Then place them in a bowl with a paper towel in the bottom and season with seasoned salt.  These make a great side for the summer!

Easy Steamed Broccooli
Broccoli Crowns
Salt & Pepper


I loved steamed broccoli, so for this meal I just steamed up some broccoli and seasoned it with salt & pepper.  Remember that you don’t need anything fancy to steam broccoli, just put it in a pot with a little water in the bottom and cover it. So easy and so delicious!

I hope that you enjoy this unique twist on the traditional hamburger.  If you are not a blue cheese fan you can replace it with any kind you wish, I just personally love the combination of beef, blue cheese and jalepeno!

The Mothelode Burger Costs
Ground Chuck – $4.04
Blue Cheese – $1.60
Broccoli- $2.17
Onion Rings- $3.57
Oil & Seasonings- $1.50
Total Costs- $12.88 (Serves 4)
Cost Per Plate- $3.22

Don’t forget to celebrate National Hamburger Day this Friday!

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa