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Summer Supper- London Broil

Happy Social Media Day!!  It has been very toasty warm around here, a sure sign that the 4th of July is on the way!  I don’t know what it is but there is something about summer that suppresses the appetite, even my appetite!  I just don’t seem as hungry on summer evenings, maybe it is the heat.  I have often wondered if it is merely the fact the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 9 and I prefer to be outside.  Whatever the reason, I just don’t care for heavy suppers in the summer.  Today’s post is my ideal summer supper, light, easy, quick and most definitely affordable!  So make a quick trip in the house, then head to the deck to enjoy this summer supper featuring London Broil!

Easy London Broil
2 lbs London Broil – I found it on a major sale!!!!!
Salt, Pepper & Garlic
Tin Foil, Grill

London Broil is a fairly lean cut of beef, this can make it tricky to prepare.  It is a great cut to know how to prepare though because it is often on MAJOR sale, which we LOVE!  This is a very simple way to prepare delicious london broil every time.  Take your london broil steaks and set them on a plate or cutting board.  Gather your spices from the spice cabinet, salt, pepper, and garlic powder are all you need!  Season the steaks with all three seasonings, be generous but because it is lean there won’t be much fat drip or seasoning loss, so don’t go crazy.  Next dear readers, rub the seasonings into the steaks ever so gently.  As we learned last week, this step truly is key!  I promise your beef will love you and you will love your beef if you gently rub the seasonings.  Then it is time to head to the grill!  Turn the heat way up on the grill.  Sear both sides of the steaks to help retain the juices.  Then turn the heat down to let the steaks cook slowly.  I will let you in on a little London Broil secret…. keep them as rare as you can stand.  Very similar to the perfect prime rib, the outside should be perfectly crisp and done and the middle should be very pink, there should not be much gray factor in between.  This can be very tricky to do, but I promise you will appreciate the extra effort because london broil is lean it can be tough if over cooked.  So only leave the steaks on the grill for a few minutes after searing.  Then remove them from the grill and wrap them in tin foil to rest.  This will ensure the steaks soak up any lost juices and will also even out the temperature of the beef throughout the steaks.  Slice against the grain and serve!  London Broil goes well with anything really, but for this summer supper I simply sliced some summertime vegetables (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers), cheddar cheese and made some quick garlic toast!  The perfect and perfectly simple summer supper!

Summer Supper- London Broil
2 lbs London Broil- $3.20 (Remember the mega sale I was talking about!)
Tomatoes- $1.60
Cucumbers- $1.50
Bell Peppers- $2.00
Cheese- $0.60
Toast- $1.30
Seasonings- $0.50
Total Cost- $10.70 (Serves 6)
Cost Per Plate- $1.78

I hope that you have a wonderful day!  What are your grilling plans for the 4th of July?  Let us know, here or on our Facebook Page!

Happy Trails,



Beef On The Go – Schlotzsky’s Deli

Good evening everyone,

I had a very busy weekend photographing the American Quarter Horse Association Youth Excellence Seminar and ended up working later this evening at the AQHA Museum. I met Australian and New Zealand farmers and ranchers who were touring the Texas Panhandle on the last leg of an American tour of agriculture. Therefore, I apologize for just now posting after 9 o’clock, but my Monday was a totally unpredictable, yet fun, busy day.

This week’s addition of Beef On The Go is a visit to Schlotzsky’s Deli. I love these great sandwiches, and the Angus Roast Beef & Cheese is fantastic to the taste buds, with roast beef, melted cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses layered with dill slices, red onion, lettuce, tomato, light mayonnaise and their signature dressing on toasted Sourdough bread.

It really helped me jump start my afternoon, because my afternoons are always hopping at AQHA. 🙂 At $4.99 for a small and $5.99 for a medium it is a filling and fast option for great tasting roast beef.

Have a great week everyone !



No Mess, Stress Relieving Grilled Beef Roast Supper

Good morning all!  Last week I had the privilege of going to speak to the board of directors of the California CattleWomen about what we are doing here on, as well as the importance of telling our story to consumers.  It was such a blast.  I was surrounded by amazing women who are passionate about our industry and the ranches they help to operate.  After my short presentation I was visiting with a few ladies over coffee (a must during any meeting in my opinion).  One of the ladies I met is from a ranch on the desert of southeastern California, her name is Kate and she had some great tips for me.  I decided to implement one of Miss Kate’s tips into today’s recipes and combine it with some of my other favorite NO MESS, STRESS RELIEVING recipes!  So today, there is NO mess, we are relieving STRESS and I am pretty excited!

No mess, Stress Relieving Grilled Beef Roast
1 Top Round Roast
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder
Grill, Iron Skillet, Wax Paper

Place the roast on a sheet of wax paper, make sure that the paper is long enough to be able to come back over the top of the roast.  Cover the top of the roast with the excess wax paper, take the biggest black iron skillet that you have and in Kate’s words “beat the blazes out of that darn roast!”  Now girls, this is the stress relieving part!  GO AHEAD take out all your aggression from the work week on the roast!  After you have beat on the roast a bit, it is time for seasoning it.  I will let you in on a few secrets during this post, one of them is proper roast seasoning.  See, my Dad makes the best Tri Tip roast I have ever eaten, I learned to season beef from him….so just trust me!  All you need is salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Cover the roast in all three seasonings.  Don’t be afraid to over season because some of the excess will drip off into the coals with the fat that drips off the roast.  At this point, rub the seasonings ever so gently into the meat.  This extra lovin’ really does make a difference I promise!  Now, let the meat rest while you get the grill hot and prepare your No Mess Squash!

2 Yellow Cricked Neck Squash
1 Mexican Squash
1/2 Walla Walla Onion Sliced
1 Stick of Butter
Tin Foil

Slice the squash and onion semi thin. Place two pieces of tin foil over lapping.  Spread the sliced squash and onion on the foil.  Slice the stick of butter and place throughout the squash.  Season with salt, pepper & garlic powder.  We are keeping it simple y’all!  Place another piece of tin foil over the top and roll up the sides so that no butter or steam can leave.  Then it’s time to head to the grill.

Take both the roast and the squash to the grill.  The tin foil sack of squash can just go on the grill no fuss.  With the roast, turn the heat up real high, sear both sides, then turn the heat back down and let the roast cook until your desired degree of doneness.  Then remove from the grill, let it rest of course, and slice against the grain!  So tasty!  The squash can be served out of the tin foil sack, there is no need to dirty extra dishes.  I served this with fresh sliced and salted tomatoes…. delicious!

Now I couldn’t help but to post this next secret recipe because well, when I think of relaxation I think of sweet tea, the front porch and a gorgeous sunset and this is HANDS DOWN the best sweet tea recipe I have come across in my 21 years!  This recipe comes from a dear friend in Russellville, Arkansas.  Her mother used to fix sweet tea this way and she gave the recipe to me last summer when I first experienced its sheer bliss!  I only thought it fitting to include this with the stress relieving and no mess recipes above.  So here you are dear readers… just for you I am revealing this precious secret….

Faithful Friends Sweet Tea
4 tea bags
2 C boiling water
1 – 1 1/2 C Sugar
1 T Vanilla
1 T Almond
1/3 C  Lemon Juice
2 Qts Water

Bring 2 C water to a boil on the stove.  Place the tea bags in the hot water and let it steep for about 15 minutes.  Then add sugar, vanilla, and almond.  Stir until all the sugar has dissolved.  At this point add 2 Qts of water to the mixture and pour into your tea pitcher.  Stir in 1/3 C Lemon juice.  Chill and then serve over ice with a sprig of fresh mint for ultimate relaxation!

No Mess, Stress Relieving Grilled Beef Roast Supper Costs
1 Top Round Roast- $7.50
2 Yellow Cricked Neck Squash- $3.00
1 Mexican Squash- $1.79
1/2 Walla Walla Onion Sliced -$0.40
1 Stick of Butter- $0.50
Tomatoes- $1.50
Seasonings, Including Sugar, Vanilla, Almond & Tea- $1.50
Total Costs- $16.19 (Serves 4)
Cost per Plate- $4.04

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and preparing the meal!  There is no better way to wind down from the week than with great food, good company, delicious sweet tea and a front porch sunset!  Enjoy some down time and summer bliss!

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa

Beef On The Go – Cracker Barrel

Welcome to the first addition of Beef On The Go

 Where Amy with the help of her little white iPhone, are searching out the best and budget friendly places to order beef of the restaurant menu.

 I always wanted to be a food critic, seemed like an awesome job. Eat out, have people serve you and get paid to give your opinion. This is not exactly the same, not getting paid for it, but I’ll gladly share with my ‘following’ where all the best places are to order beef.

 Since February I have purposed to always order beef. So I’ve gotten pretty good at searching out the tasty beef dishes on menu’s across Texas and Oklahoma. I am going to try to go to chain restaurants that are across the country so that all of you can go check out my finds. So when you are on vacation or just wanting to eat out you still eat Beef on a Budget!

 First stop – Cracker Barrel I love to eat here, great atmosphere and off the low carb menu I have found a great beef dishes. I love eating southern comfort food – reminds me of home. For a list of restaurants near you click here.  

 Here is the description on the menu:

Grilled Roast Beef
Thick cut USDA Choice Chuck Roast lightly seasoned and grilled
then smothered with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
Served with your choice of three sides.

 I love to order it with green beans, carrots and splurge on fried apples (cinnamon heaven!) Priced at $8.99 with three sides this is a great find. A hearty meal that tastes great. Plus I really like the taste of a roast when grilled, never had thought of it that before. If you are not a mushroom fan, order without.

 So the next time you drive by a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – stop in, order beef and know you are getting a lot of food at a great price.

 See you down the road,

Food Cost:

Grilled Roast Beef: $8.99

Beef Ribs – Round II

Good Monday morning Y’all!  I hope that you all had a great Father’s Day weekend.  Mine was wonderful, although I wasn’t home with my Daddy.  My sister and I drove to Morgan, Utah, on Friday to spend some time with family.  My uncle Bob is in the U.S. Air Force and Utah is the closest his family has ever lived to us so we were very happy to make the 11 hour drive to spend a few days with them.  One of the neat things about this site is that our readers get a chance to learn with us.  We are by no means a beef expert, while we both have eaten and cooked a lot of beef in our short lifetimes, we have a lot to learn.  I hope you don’t mind learning with us!  That being said, a few weeks ago I posted a rib recipe.  It was ok, if any of you tried it please let me know what you thought.  I wasn’t all too pleased with the results and I am always open to learning new techniques to improve my cooking skills, fortunately, Uncle Bob is always willing to teach!  So here it goes, round two!  I promise you this technique is far superior to the previous ribs.  My only hang up is using sauce, so there may be ribs round three at some point but I’ll try to hold off a while so you don’t get sick of reading about my rib experiments!  These ribs were so tender that my cousin Joesi, she’s 2, was able to enjoy them with the rest of the family!

Beef Ribs – Round II
2 Packages Beef Ribs- Apprx. 6 lbs
1 Bottle Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
7 Ears Sweet Corn

Cut apart the ribs.  Be sure to use a sharp knife, Dad always told me that you can more easily cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one.  While you are cutting the ribs apart start a large pot of water on the stove.  You are going to par boil these ribs, that was the oh so important step that I missed last time!  Once the water is boiling place the ribs in the boiling water and let them boil for an hour or so.  After about an hour, turn off the burner and let the ribs sit in the hot water for about 20 minutes.  At this time you can skim off the floating fat and the drain the rest of the water off of the ribs.  At this time, season them with a little salt and pepper and then cover them with the BBQ sauce.  At this time let’s head to the grill!  Get your grill real hot, place the ribs on the grill and sear all sides of them, then lower the heat to let them cook through.  Keep in mind they are already cooked so it won’t take long on the grill.  Also note that because we par boiled the ribs, the BBQ sauce left in the pan does not need to be wasted!  After the ribs come off the grill pour the remaining BBQ sauce on the ribs.  So tasty!  I promise you the boiling is key, you may be doubting me right now, but please try it!  Let me know what you think too!  Ribs are fun to eat with just about anything but we had fresh sweet corn with them!  When it comes to pairing sides with ribs, I like to stick to the finger food groups, so fun!

When preparing fresh sweet corn, there are several ways to do it.  I ljust boil it, this is the fool proof method!  You really can’t mess up boiling corn, which is why I like to do it that way!  I then cut the ears in half because I think it stretches them further.  Serve steaming hot with butter!

Beef Ribs – Round II Costs
6 lbs Beef  Ribs – $12
1 Bottle BBQ Sauce – $3.20
7 Ears Fresh Corn- $3.50
Total Costs – $18.7 (Serves 8)
Cost per plate- $2.33

I hope that you enjoy this new tip!  I challenge you to make time to spend with your family this summer.  I don’t get to see mine much and I promise you the kids keep growing even when you don’t see them!

Happy Trails,


120 day update from Amy

Good Friday to y’all from Amarillo Texas –

This week marks a very special week for Anna-Lisa and I. went over 10,000 views since the sites conception on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

This feat in itself is amazing, exciting and humbling. What started out 120 days ago as a way to do our part for the beef industry we love so much, has grown and reached more people than I ever thought possible in the space of 17 weeks.

This site’s concept of promoting beef has been a dream of mine since I was 14. When I realized that I wanted to write an all-beef cookbook, and share my own innovations with the world. It took getting away from the ranch and hearing about fellow students who were not eating beef because of the perceived notion it was not budget friendly, for me to take action. With a great friend, Anna-Lisa and the combination of us brainstorming – this site is what it is today.

I cannot say that it has been easy – some days are hard to get everything done and spend the quality time on updating and expanding the site, but I am glad we did not stop. We have started something that is not only important to us, but the future of the beef industry. Beef promotion is necessary to the continued stability and growth of the industry we love so much.

The summer road has led both Anna-Lisa and I to very different places. She is busy living at home in California, working at the Calavaras County Fair office, her Mary Kay business, taking an active role in expanding her local Cattlewomen’s Unit and breathing in the sweet air that can only be enjoyed when you are living on the ranch you were raised on.

I am fulfilling another dream from since I was a little girl; working at the American Quarter Horse Association as the Marketing Intern here in Amarillo, Texas. I have learned so much, and enjoy all that I am getting to do with another passion of mine, American Quarter Horses. As I wake up every morning I praise the Lord for the chance to spend the summer living in the Panhandle of Texas, only 70 miles the ranch that keeps my heart prisoner while I am furthering my education. I truly am a blessed girl!

So you can tell that we are both busy; and for me especially I can’t seem to find time to cook. This led me to the realization that so many of my readers are probably in the same exact place. Of being so crazy busy, working, traveling and needing to eat out – on a budget.

Starting next week I am going to share with you my journey of finding beef on a budget on a restaurant menu. Since I started I have purposed to always order beef. Needless to say I’ve become pretty good at scouring the menu and finding great beef dishes. So thanks to my new found friend, my iPhone, I will let you see my finds. I always thought food critiques had a dream job, getting paid to try new food, alas I’ll get to be one of sorts, just won’t have someone else paying for it.

So don’t forget to stop by next week and find out where this girl has been eating out. 🙂 I would love your comments about where you eat out everyday, and how you do it and still eat the greatest protein on planet earth.

Y’all take care. Have fun this summer and look Anna-Lisa and I up on facebook, we love to hear from you!

Chasin’ my passions,

Speedy Beef Stir Fry

Is it me or is this week flying by?  It is Wednesday and I can hardly believe it!  Today I am headed to the Folsom to further my education at the California Cattlemen & Cattlewomen joint Mid-Year Meeting!  I also have the opportunity to share with our directors about which is very exciting.  Ya know, I choose to live my life with 40 different irons in the fire, and often I don’t know which is hot enough to pull first.  I can tell you that the past 15 days I have learned that in order to maximize my time and use it wisely I need to actually use my calendar!  Quite a concept right!  Anyhow, as I am focused forward and working intently to reach my goals I am needing recipes that are speedy and delicious… and so became Speedy Beef Stir Fry!  A great one pan meal that is perfect for summer evenings, so schedule 30 min to prepare supper, head to the kitchen and gather your family!

Speedy Beef Stir Fry
1 lb Tenderized Sirloin Tip Steak
1 Package of Chinese Style Noodles
1 Small crooked neck squash sliced
1/2 yellow onion sliced
1/2 C sliced baby carrots
1 Sliced red bell pepper
1/2 C bean sprouts
Oil, Garlic Salt, Chili powder, stir fry seasoning

I use Sirloin Tip Steak, I ask the butcher to run it through the tenderizer twice, which will help to ensure tenderness because tip steaks generally don’t have very much marbling.  Season the steak with garlic salt and chili powder.  In a large skillet pour a little oil, then cook the steak on medium high heat until it reaches your desired degree of doneness.  While the steak is cooking go ahead and slice all of the vegetables.  After the steak is done, remove it from the skillet, but be sure to leave all of the oil and fat in the pan, you will need it later! In that same pan, add all of the vegetables, and let them cook for a bit (a few minutes) then add the raw chinese noodles.  Stir fry this mixture together!  Some people prefer to boil the noodles first, but in my experience I prefer them stir fried raw.  After you have let the steak rest for at least 5 min, slice it into bit size pieces.  It is important to let beef rest because not only does it help it to retain it’s juices, but it also allows the steak to become evenly done through out.  At this time add the sliced steak to the stir frying mixture.  Next, add the stir fry seasoning and stir it through well.  Let the stir fry sit for a few minutes and then serve!

Costs of Speedy Beef Stir Fry
0.89 lb Tenderized Sirloin Tip Steak- $3.10
1 Package of Chinese Style Noodles- $2.70
1 Small crooked neck squash sliced- $0.68
1/2 yellow onion sliced- $0.40
1/2 C sliced baby carrots- $0.30
1 Sliced red bell pepper-$0.60
1/2 C bean sprouts- $0.30
Oil, Garlic Salt, Chili powder, stir fry seasoning- $1.00
Total Costs – $9.08 (Serves 3 easily)
Cost per plate- $3.02

I hope that you enjoy this delicious quick supper!  I will keep you up to date about what I learn at the meetings this week…I hope y’all have a blessed week!

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa