Good Friday to y’all from Amarillo Texas –

This week marks a very special week for Anna-Lisa and I. went over 10,000 views since the sites conception on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

This feat in itself is amazing, exciting and humbling. What started out 120 days ago as a way to do our part for the beef industry we love so much, has grown and reached more people than I ever thought possible in the space of 17 weeks.

This site’s concept of promoting beef has been a dream of mine since I was 14. When I realized that I wanted to write an all-beef cookbook, and share my own innovations with the world. It took getting away from the ranch and hearing about fellow students who were not eating beef because of the perceived notion it was not budget friendly, for me to take action. With a great friend, Anna-Lisa and the combination of us brainstorming – this site is what it is today.

I cannot say that it has been easy – some days are hard to get everything done and spend the quality time on updating and expanding the site, but I am glad we did not stop. We have started something that is not only important to us, but the future of the beef industry. Beef promotion is necessary to the continued stability and growth of the industry we love so much.

The summer road has led both Anna-Lisa and I to very different places. She is busy living at home in California, working at the Calavaras County Fair office, her Mary Kay business, taking an active role in expanding her local Cattlewomen’s Unit and breathing in the sweet air that can only be enjoyed when you are living on the ranch you were raised on.

I am fulfilling another dream from since I was a little girl; working at the American Quarter Horse Association as the Marketing Intern here in Amarillo, Texas. I have learned so much, and enjoy all that I am getting to do with another passion of mine, American Quarter Horses. As I wake up every morning I praise the Lord for the chance to spend the summer living in the Panhandle of Texas, only 70 miles the ranch that keeps my heart prisoner while I am furthering my education. I truly am a blessed girl!

So you can tell that we are both busy; and for me especially I can’t seem to find time to cook. This led me to the realization that so many of my readers are probably in the same exact place. Of being so crazy busy, working, traveling and needing to eat out – on a budget.

Starting next week I am going to share with you my journey of finding beef on a budget on a restaurant menu. Since I started I have purposed to always order beef. Needless to say I’ve become pretty good at scouring the menu and finding great beef dishes. So thanks to my new found friend, my iPhone, I will let you see my finds. I always thought food critiques had a dream job, getting paid to try new food, alas I’ll get to be one of sorts, just won’t have someone else paying for it.

So don’t forget to stop by next week and find out where this girl has been eating out. 🙂 I would love your comments about where you eat out everyday, and how you do it and still eat the greatest protein on planet earth.

Y’all take care. Have fun this summer and look Anna-Lisa and I up on facebook, we love to hear from you!

Chasin’ my passions,