Welcome to the first addition of Beef On The Go

 Where Amy with the help of her little white iPhone, are searching out the best and budget friendly places to order beef of the restaurant menu.

 I always wanted to be a food critic, seemed like an awesome job. Eat out, have people serve you and get paid to give your opinion. This is not exactly the same, not getting paid for it, but I’ll gladly share with my ‘following’ where all the best places are to order beef.

 Since February I have purposed to always order beef. So I’ve gotten pretty good at searching out the tasty beef dishes on menu’s across Texas and Oklahoma. I am going to try to go to chain restaurants that are across the country so that all of you can go check out my finds. So when you are on vacation or just wanting to eat out you still eat Beef on a Budget!

 First stop – Cracker Barrel I love to eat here, great atmosphere and off the low carb menu I have found a great beef dishes. I love eating southern comfort food – reminds me of home. For a list of restaurants near you click here.  

 Here is the description on the menu:

Grilled Roast Beef
Thick cut USDA Choice Chuck Roast lightly seasoned and grilled
then smothered with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
Served with your choice of three sides.

 I love to order it with green beans, carrots and splurge on fried apples (cinnamon heaven!) Priced at $8.99 with three sides this is a great find. A hearty meal that tastes great. Plus I really like the taste of a roast when grilled, never had thought of it that before. If you are not a mushroom fan, order without.

 So the next time you drive by a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store – stop in, order beef and know you are getting a lot of food at a great price.

 See you down the road,

Food Cost:

Grilled Roast Beef: $8.99