Happy Social Media Day!!  It has been very toasty warm around here, a sure sign that the 4th of July is on the way!  I don’t know what it is but there is something about summer that suppresses the appetite, even my appetite!  I just don’t seem as hungry on summer evenings, maybe it is the heat.  I have often wondered if it is merely the fact the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 9 and I prefer to be outside.  Whatever the reason, I just don’t care for heavy suppers in the summer.  Today’s post is my ideal summer supper, light, easy, quick and most definitely affordable!  So make a quick trip in the house, then head to the deck to enjoy this summer supper featuring London Broil!

Easy London Broil
2 lbs London Broil – I found it on a major sale!!!!!
Salt, Pepper & Garlic
Tin Foil, Grill

London Broil is a fairly lean cut of beef, this can make it tricky to prepare.  It is a great cut to know how to prepare though because it is often on MAJOR sale, which we LOVE!  This is a very simple way to prepare delicious london broil every time.  Take your london broil steaks and set them on a plate or cutting board.  Gather your spices from the spice cabinet, salt, pepper, and garlic powder are all you need!  Season the steaks with all three seasonings, be generous but because it is lean there won’t be much fat drip or seasoning loss, so don’t go crazy.  Next dear readers, rub the seasonings into the steaks ever so gently.  As we learned last week, this step truly is key!  I promise your beef will love you and you will love your beef if you gently rub the seasonings.  Then it is time to head to the grill!  Turn the heat way up on the grill.  Sear both sides of the steaks to help retain the juices.  Then turn the heat down to let the steaks cook slowly.  I will let you in on a little London Broil secret…. keep them as rare as you can stand.  Very similar to the perfect prime rib, the outside should be perfectly crisp and done and the middle should be very pink, there should not be much gray factor in between.  This can be very tricky to do, but I promise you will appreciate the extra effort because london broil is lean it can be tough if over cooked.  So only leave the steaks on the grill for a few minutes after searing.  Then remove them from the grill and wrap them in tin foil to rest.  This will ensure the steaks soak up any lost juices and will also even out the temperature of the beef throughout the steaks.  Slice against the grain and serve!  London Broil goes well with anything really, but for this summer supper I simply sliced some summertime vegetables (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers), cheddar cheese and made some quick garlic toast!  The perfect and perfectly simple summer supper!

Summer Supper- London Broil
2 lbs London Broil- $3.20 (Remember the mega sale I was talking about!)
Tomatoes- $1.60
Cucumbers- $1.50
Bell Peppers- $2.00
Cheese- $0.60
Toast- $1.30
Seasonings- $0.50
Total Cost- $10.70 (Serves 6)
Cost Per Plate- $1.78

I hope that you have a wonderful day!  What are your grilling plans for the 4th of July?  Let us know, here or on our Facebook Page!

Happy Trails,