I LOVE to cook!  I absolutely love it, not only because I LOVE to eat, but also because in my kitchen, with my favorite black iron skillet, I can go anywhere I wanna go, dream anything that I want to dream, and create anything that I want to create!  It is just so much fun!  I know that cooking is not fun for everyone and for some of you it may seem like a chore, but I promise you that if you can find fun in your kitchen, you will be amazed at the delicious things you can create and enjoy.  I am not the only person I know who loves to cook, Amy does, my mother does, for the most part all of the women in my family love to cook.  Maybe more intriguing is the fact that even the men in my family love to cook!  Ya know the stereo type is that guys don’t like to cook and are awful at it, but ya know they do have some good recipe ideas once in a while.  My friend Ryan Goodman, you have read a recipe of his before, always has interesting recipe ideas to tell me about and like most boys his recipes are usually cheap, easy clean up and very filling.  If you can sort through their ideas and throw out the ones involving spray cheese, often you can find great ideas to feed the men in your life!  Today’s post is a recipe that Ryan inspired, instructed really, it is a meal that he assures me the men in your life will love so I gave it a try.  I tweaked it a little and well my Daddy sure did like it, so here it goes.  Girls I don’t recommend this recipe for those of us trying to avoid carbs for the summer…it is starch loaded, but for those hard workin’ boys, they will love it, love it, love it and perfect for your planning purposes you can fix it for breakfast, lunch or supper!

Workin’ Man’s Feast
1 Thin Cut Steak – I used eye of round, but just buy whatever is on sale.
Assorted Vegetables – I used onion, bell pepper, and green chillies
1 Potato
2 eggs
1 Freezer biscuits

Now the ingredients I listed are to serve one person, simply multiply the recipe by the number of people you want to serve.  First in your black iron skillet, place the biscuits with a tablespoon of butter.  Bake at 375 degrees for 17 minutes.  While these are baking you are going to fix the rest of the meal.  Dice the potatoes and the vegetables.  Now Ryan said to use anything i had in the fridge that was beginning to turn but I just can’t bring myself to put broccoli, or cucumber, or carrots in these potatoes, maybe I’m being fearful but I just don’t see it working out too well.  I would of used egg plant in a heartbeat, spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, you get the picture.  On hand I had half an onion, 1 green bell pepper and a small can of green chilis so that is what I used.  Use what you have that is the beauty of this recipe.  So after the potato and veggies are diced place them in another skillet on the stove with a tablespoon of butter.  Keep the heat at medium high.  The potatoes are going to take the longest to cook, so start them first.  While they are beginning to cook season the steak.  Yep you guessed it, salt, pepper and garlic, maybe some Cavenders if you have it… just remember to keep it simple because unlike some other protein sources, beef has flavor, let’s not kill it!  Place the steak in the pan with the potatoes.  Keep an eye on the potatoes stirring them occasionally to ensure that they don’t stick.  There should now be a sufficient amount of grease in the pan to fry a couple of eggs, if your steak was leaner go ahead and add a little more butter, it won’t hurt!  Turn the heat down to medium low or low and crack your eggs into the grease.  DONT TOUCH THEM!  The secret to frying eggs well is plenty of grease and plenty of patience.  Just leave them be, you will be able to tell when they are ready to be flipped I promise!  After you have fried your eggs, the potatoes should be done and the biscuits will be close too I bet.  The whole meal should not take you more than 17 minutes to prepare, if I recall right, it took me 15 (I was cooking for 4 too!)  So lets recap in 15-17 minutes, you have prepared biscuits, steak, eggs & fried potatoes and only in two pans!  Talk about fast, easy and delicious… let’s look at costs now!

Workin’ Man’s Feast Costs
1 Thin Cut Steak – $2.75
Assorted Vegetables – $1.00
1 Potato- $0.20
2 eggs-$0.20
1 Freezer biscuit $0.40
Butter- $0.20
Total Cost- $4.75
****Costs will vary greatly depending on what vegetables you have on hand etc.


I really enjoyed fixing this meal and writing the post!  It is so fun to be able to help y’all think of meals to fix yourselves and your families.  It is always great to share my originals, but I love to share imput from y’all too, DONT be afraid to share!  I hope that your week is blessed… A good reminder from a dear friend, We are too BLESSED to be STRESSED and too ANOINTED to be DISAPOINTED!  Get to your kitchen and spend some time, dreaming, laughing and creating this week!

Happy Trails,