Seriously, Wednesday is already here!  This has been a couple of weeks where it seems like I lay my head down on Monday and wake up to Friday! WHAT is with THAT!  Well I decided to mix things up a little bit this week.  See I think about food a lot, when I can’t sleep I think about recipes, when I am running I think about recipes, driving down the interestate thinking about recipes…I am certainly that girl that finishes eating lunch and thinks hmm…what am I going to make for supper.  The interesting thing is that sometimes my wild ideas work, sometimes they are awful and sometimes they are absolutely EPIC.   While this recipe is great, I don’t know that I would consider it EPIC, the post will help you get to know me better!  What do I mean by that?  Well during this post you will get some insight into my life because I burned the thing AND it stuck to the pan…both things that happen in the kitchen, to some of us more than others, but they happen to everyone.  That’s the great thing about cooking, it’s an experiment, an adventure and some even consider it a journey.  So my wild idea to cook pizza on the grill will actually work, but learn from my mistakes and grease your cookie sheet!  Head for the kitchen and let’s talk Beef Chorizo Pizza!

Beef Chorizo Pizza
1 lb ground beef (I like my pizza beefy)
1/2 link of beef Chorizo
1 Italian Zuchini (the green ones)
1 small can sliced olives
1 C muschrooms
1 1/2 C cheese
1/2 C Pizza Sauce
1 pizza dough

Let’s talk beef chorizo some of you may not be familiar with this delicious beef product.  It is a hispanic style beef product made of cheeks and spices, it is delicious when mixed with ground beef.  So start by mixing the two meats.  No need to dirty a bowl, mix them in your black iron skillet cause that is where you will cook it.  In the summer time I love to cook outside so i even cooked the meat in my black iron skillet on the grill, but you can do that part in the house if you wish.  Let that cook and during this time mix up your pizza dough.  I used a Betty Crocker pizza dough but Betty and I got into a fist fight so use whatever you would like.  If you do use Betty’s don’t get confused by the directions…GREASE YOUR COOKIE SHEET!  (I get so excited that I don’t read things through sometimes…FAIL) So next spread your pizza dough onto your baking dish of choice, I will tell you that I used a square cookie sheet because I baked it on the grill, but I prefer to bake pizza on a pizza stone (The Pampered Chef makes a great one).  However, a pizza stone wont fit on the grill, so if you are fixing this inside in an oven I RECOMMEND the pizza stone!  Dice up your veggies into a bowl and mix them in the bowl to save a step later.  Now I know what you are thinking… veggies on a pizza I thought this was BEEFonaBudget… I love a ton of meat on my pizza but let’s face it, it is summer and we have delicious vegetables available so for heaven’s sake let’s use them!  Trust me on the veggies, use whatever you have on hand. 

 Spread the pizza dough, then put a layer of pizza sauce, then put a layer of the meat, then cover with the cheese, then spread your veggies, then put the rest of the meat.  Now this is not going to look like your normal pizza, cause I love a lot of toppings, this is the kind of pizza you have to eat with a fork.  Then take your pizza to the grill and leave on there until the crust is golden and the cheese is all melted.  This is a seriously delicious pizza, spicy but not too spicy, beefy and fresh all at once!

This is what will happen if you get in a fist fight with Betty Crocker & don’t GREASE your cookie sheet….

 The thing I learned from this experience, maybe there could be such thing as a crustless pizza…A new topic to ponder, perfect!

Beef Chorizo Pizza
1 lb ground beef – $2.00
1/2 link of beef Chorizo- $0.75
1 Italian Zuchini- $0.80
1 small can sliced olives- $1.10
1 C muschrooms- $0.60
1 1/2 C cheese- $1.50
1/2 C Pizza Sauce- $0.90
1 pizza dough- $0.99
Total Cost – $8.64 (serves 4)
Cost Per Plate- $2.16

I hope that you enjoyed this 20 min meal idea!  So fast, so easy, so affordable, this kid pleaser is fun for them to help with too!  I hope that each of you have a blessed week! 

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa