I love steak and I love summer! Perfect combination in my mind. I mean think about it you get to cook outside, and then enjoy the gorgeous summer sunset!  It is just hard to beat sweet tea on the front porch during a summer ranch sunset.  Unfortunately I will be leaving that sunset soon, but the wonderful thing about sunsets is that they are everywhere!  My parents have a garden and from it comes wonderful vegetables and so I wanted to share with you just how deliciously beef can be served with fresh veggies.  This Quick Steak and fresh salad are wonderful for late summer evenings.

Quick Steak
Chuck Steaks
Salt, Pepper & Garlic

Season your steaks.  Let them sit for a min, then take them to the grill.  Sear both sides then allow to continue cooking until they have reached your desired degree of doneness.  Remember that they don’t need to die twice!

While the steaks are on the grill this quick salad can be prepared. 

Quick and Dirty Swiss Summer Salad
1 Cucumber
3 Tomatoes
1 Purple Onion
2 T Pesto
2 T Vinegar
2 T Olive Oil

Simply rough chop the purple onion, tomatoes and cucumbers.  They don’t need to be real small.  In a small cup combine the pesto, vinegar and olive oil.  (I used homeade vinegar but any will do, I prefer anything but white vinegar on salads.) Then stir up the salad and serve.

I also served the steak with some garlic toast, but use whatever you have on hand.

Costs of Summer Steak
Chuck Steaks – $2.98/lb – $10
Cucumber- $0.70
Onion- $0.83
Tomatoes – $1.30
Pesto, Vinegar, Olive Oil- $1.00
Total Cost- $13.83 (Serves 4)
Cost Per Plate-  $3.45

This delicious meal was very simple, and very affordable.  Perfect for that summer evening of visiting with family! I hope that you enjoy it!  For tips on making pesto check out AnnaGiannini on Twitter!

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa