It’s a lovely Friday the sun is shinning and a beautiful breeze is blowing while I am here in the ranch country my mom grew up in.

This is my first post to ever submit totally from my iPhone; but here at my grandparents house they don’t have Internet. So I’m apologizing in advance if something looks different or misspelled. I’m sorry! 🙂

This week was crazy busy and unpredictable. So on Tuesday I was craving pizza and the comfort that brings. I remembered the budget friendly buffet of Cici’s Pizza.

At $4.99 all you can eat pizza, salad, cheasy breadsticks and tasty desserts it is a great buy! The traditional beef pizza was actually my favorite of the ones I tried. BBQ and taco pizzas were good too.

So go check out a Cici’s and enjoy all you can eat for $4.99!! You really can’t beat that deal anywhere!

Take care and be safe this weekend wherever you are!