Hey y’all! I know that things have been crazy for everyone this past couple weeks!  I have made it, my journey across the country went well and I am tying up some loose ends before school starts.  It is such a great feeling to know that in one semester I will be a college graduate!  On my way to Oklahoma I got to spend time with some friends in Texas and they are the inspiration of this recipe.  Think about nachos, with beef, black beans, RoTel, green chilis, onions and red cabbage, no possible way it could be bad right?  That’s what I thought so I gave it a shot, and if you are doubting the red cabbage, just trust me…you won’t doubt long.  So head to the kitchen to fix this quick and dirty new favorite of mine!

Twisted Beef Nachos
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Can Black beans
1 Can RoTel Tomatoes
1 small can green chillies
2 C shredded mexican blend cheese
1/2 C chopped onion
1/4 C shredded red cabbage
Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes
Tortilla Chips
Jalepeno Slices  (Optional)

In a large skillet brown the ground beef.  Add the diced green chillies and the RoTel.  Let this reduce while you drain and rinse the black beans.  Add the beans, a dash of salt, pepper and a few shakes of red pepper flakes. Heat this through while you chop the onion and shred the red cabbage.  On a microwave safe plate, place a layer of chips.  Sprinkle cheese over them to cover them.  Next add a layer of the beef and bean mixture.  Sprinkle fresh chopped onion and shredded cabbage on the top.  Place in a microwave for 45 seconds to ensure the melting of the cheese.  I topped mine with a few slices of Jalepeno for a little twist!  This super easy super simple recipe is great for any occasion! 

Twisted Beef Nachos
1 lb Ground Beef- $2.60
1 Can Black beans- $1.00
1 Can RoTel Tomatoes- $1.30
1 small can green chillies- $0.76
2 C shredded mexican blend cheese- $1.44
1/2 C chopped onion- $0.40
1/4 C shredded red cabbage – $0.20
Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes- $0.50
Tortilla Chips- $1.50
Jalepeno Slices  (Optional)- $0.10
Total Cost (Serves 4)- $9.80
Cost Per Plate- $2.45


Use the time you saved by preparing this quick recipe to spend some extra time appreciating the little things like a porch sunset or a laugh with your family.  Sometimes the most important things in our lives are the easiest to take for granted.

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa