Happy Friday to ya’ll. Anna-Lisa is “on the road again,” singing Willie Nelson tunes in Texas and asked if I would like to guest post. The girls have posted a few recipes that may have been inspired by myself, but in case you do not know who I am… I just graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in Animal Science and now I am on the road to who-knows-where. Currently I am in Dalhart, Texas working for JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeders and learning all the ropes of the feedyard cattle department. Growing up on a large-scale cow-calf and stocker operation in Northeast Arkansas, I have been around cattle all of my life, but I have come to find that work in a feedyard is a different pace of life. You can hear all about that and other happenings at my blog, www.agricultureproud.wordpress.com. Hope you can swing by and check it out.

I have heard people say that food artfully arranged has had someone’s fingers all over it. That might be one good reason I am a fan of fixing supper from scratch and worrying less about presentation. Growing up on the ranch, we always had beef in the freezer and some sort of fresh vegetables. So when it comes to summer, I am all for going to the grocery and buying whatever cut of beef and vegetables happen to be on sale. I am no pro in the kitchen; more of a try-and-see kinda cook. Have no fear, these great fajitas have been approved from Canada to Cuba, really!

Fire up the grill and let us get started on these awesome Flat Iron Fajitas. I have a few rules of thumb for grilling. Cook ‘Low and Slow’: It will take a little longer but you will keep your beef more juicy and tender. Only ‘Kill It Once’: Do not overcook beef. It will be more tender and juicy at a medium-rare compared to a parched well-done. ‘Easy on the Dressing’ Lay off the seasonings and you will get to enjoy the real taste of your food. However, butter is always welcome.

The aluminum foil pouches help to retain juices and flavors when cooking the vegetables.

Flat Iron Fajitas

1 lb. Flat Iron Steak

8 Flour Tortillas

¾ lb. Zucchini

¾ lb. Yellow Squash

1 Orange Bell Pepper

½ Sweet Onion

4 jalapenos

1 stick Butter

Preheat the grill. Cook the steak on low heat. Flip once and pull off the grill at medium doneness. Slice steak into bite-size strips after grilling (if sliced before, the steak will lose tenderness and juices). Slice all vegetables and place into an aluminum foil pouch with butter and fajita seasonings. Vegetables will take 10-15 minutes on low heat. Just before serving place tortillas on grill and flip once for 20-30 seconds each side. Serve with your choice of cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, or other favorite fajita toppings.

This makes an easy, healthy, and affordable meal for the whole family.

I included some sweet potato fries with the fajitas. Maybe a lil unconventional, but if you ask me they go great with just about any meal. Just cut 3 sweet potatoes lengthwise in thin strips, place on a cookie sheet. Cover with a half stick of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Bake in oven on 350 until crispy.

This makes a great, healthy, and affordable meal for the family. Any leftovers are great placed in the oven covered in aluminum foil.

Cost Breakdown – Serves 4

Flat Iron Steak $5.99
Sweet Potatoes $2.97
Tortillas $2.00
Bell Pepper $1.50
Cheese $1.00
Onion $0.75
Zucchini $0.75
Squash $0.75
Butter $0.83
Jalepeno $0.27
Total Cost $16.81
Cost Per Person $4.20

Have a Great weekend! –Ryan Goodman