It is Monday August 23rd and my first day of my last year of college. I sometimes wish everyday was as easy as the first day, but real life is just not that easy.

I know with everyone back to school, Beef on the Go is needed even more until the schedules are ironed out and life gets back to a semblance of normal. I really don’t know the last time my life was ever normal – so maybe that’s just a lie that circulates to keep people looking ahead instead of behind. However, regardless of that fact we still gotta eat, no matter how busy we are.

And one of the tastiest burgers I have had in a while came not from a specialty burger place – but McDonalds. I had heard great things about the McDonalds Angus burger, but didn’t know how scrumptious they were until I ordered one.

They taste so fresh, with romaine lettuce instead of the boring iceberg, ripe tomatoes, purple onions, tangy pickles with seasoned beef patty with melted cheese and a special mayo on a toasted sesame bun. At $6.99 for the combo meal, this is a great buy on a great burger.

So the next time you are running to-and-fro and realize you are hear you stomach growling go try out this great burger.

Be safe and try to have fun no matter what!

~ Amy

$6.99 combo