It is now Wednesday night of the first week of school and it seems like another one of those weeks where I lay my head down Sunday night and wake up to Thursday! TIME flies around here!  The previous week was busy as well and so I am so sorry our posts haven’t been as consistent as usual.  That previous statement was an excuse and you know what they say about those so I will just promise to do better next time!  I get asked often to start posting some meals that could easily be fixed for just one person…this is one of those!  The way this recipe came about is rather unique…see last week I was keeping a little boy that I babysit rather often.  He was upstairs playing and I was folding the family’s laundry, vacuuming etc. while watching Food Network! I am a big Food Network fan so it was only fitting, anyway, there was a man who fire roasted an orange bell pepper in the oven! I was amazed and could only dream of how delicious it would taste.  That is what was on my brain all afternoon and so when I realized that I needed to write a post I was determined to include an oven roasted orange bell pepper and I did!  So head for your kitchen allow yourself 15 minutes to prepare this delicious wrap and then enjoy a Summer Sunset!

Low Carb Roast Beef Wrap
1 Low carb tortilla (I recently found some with only 3 net carbs! Amazing!)
1 T cream cheese
1 half of an orange bell pepper (Oven-Fire Roasted)
1/4 C Spinach
5 Slices Roast Beef deli meat
Salt & Pepper

Turn on the broiler in your oven.  Slice the bell pepper in half long ways.  Coat with a lite drizzle of your favorite oil and place under the broiler until the skin turns black but be sure to remove before the underside burns to!  Place your tortilla on a cutting board or smooth surface and spread the cream chease on it.  Next place a few slices of the oven-fire roasted bell pepper, the spinach and then the roast beef on top of that.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Next starting at one end of the tortilla roll the contents up like an enchilada.  Slice in half at an angle and enjoy!  I had this with a small spinach and blue cheese salad which was delicious but you could eat it alone or with chips and salsa.  It would also be great to take to work for lunch.  To store wrap tightly in seran wrap after it has been enchilada rolled.  This will keep the tortilla from drying out!

Low Carb Roast Beef Wrap Costs
1 Low carb tortilla- $0.27
1 T cream cheese- $0.21
1 half of an orange bell pepper- $0.89
1/4 C Spinach – $0.28
5 Slices Roast Beef deli meat- $1.12
Total Cost- $2.77 (Serves 1)

I hope you have enjoyed this quick and tasty summer supper! Gather up those you love and spend the last few weeks of summer taking each moment for all that it is worth, cause those memories never go away!

Happy Trails,