Good evening everyone! It is a Friday night in Stillwater and the end of my first week of school. My week was full of meetings and more meetings. But I guess senior years are like that lol.

The funnest part so far is having my own functioning kitchen! Y’all it’s so nice!! I still miss my kitchen at the ranch but this is the next best thing. Last night I was craving a grilled cheese sandwich but needed to cook some ground beef that was in the frig. So I decided to create a fun something different sandwich 🙂

To recreat this yummy cheesy goodness you’ll need
iron skillet,
1/2 cup ground beef cooked, drained and seasoned with salt and pepper
couple teaspoons of butter
two slices sandwich bread (whole grain is my favorite)
1/3 cup grated cheddar cheese
2 T feta cheese crumbles (optional- but adds a fun flavor)

I like the way the grilled cheese tastes in an iron skillet because it really toasts the bread differently then a non-stick skillet but use what ever you like. Melt a small slice of butter and add one slice of bread. Heap your toppings and allow to slowly melt on medium/low heat. Add your second piece of toast and with care and a large degree of coordination turn over your sandwich and add another sliver of butter. I say this with all honesty I have trouble with this!

Toast the other side, slice diagonally or down the middle if you like and serve with my favorite sides of purple grapes and a tall glass of milk. 🙂 trust me this is really tasty and much more filling than just a regular grilled cheese. Try it and tell me if you agree!

Have a fantastic weekend and don’t have too much fun 🙂

Ground beef = $0.60
Cheese = $0.50
Bread = $0.05
Butter = $0.20
Grand Total = $1.25/sandwich