Well Friday is here and we made it through yet another week! As you could probably guess by the infrequency of our posts it has been a little western around here to say the least.  I am excited for my first full weekend to stay home since I came back east the end of July.  It will be so nice to finally get all the way unpacked, get my laundry done, homework caught up, Mary Kay caught up and house put together, not to mention I am excited for MY first football game of the season.  There is nothing like a Saturday night in Boone Pickens Stadium.  This recipe is a very “unique” one and I will admit I had been more than hesitant to try it.  Ryan first mentioned it to me in April and it has taken 5 months for me to get up enough nerve to actually try it.  You may wonder why… it involves canned cheese and I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that canned cheese could be any kind of good on anything but a tortilla chip.  Well… I was wrong.  This recipe is quick, easy and delicious.  Now, I will tell you that when I listened to Ryan’s instructions over the phone last night and then put them into practice there was a slight miscommunication.  See, I made them about the size of a pizza calzone, apparently the “right way” to fix them is to make them the size of your palm.  Well as you probably have noticed I don’t cook well is small portions, so it’s no surprise I made them a bit on the large side.  So you go ahead and make them whatever size you wish, but I will tell you that they will probably freeze better smaller.  Never the less crank up some Eric Church and get to cooking!

Easy Beef Hot Sacks
1 lb ground beef
1 small can diced green chilies
1 can RoTel
1 C Tostitos Medium Queso (Can Cheese)
2 Wop & Pop Pizza Crusts

In a large skillet brown the ground beef, add the green chillies and RoTel.  Drain off excess fat.  Next add the “queso” (can cheese).  Stir this mixture around and let it condense a bit.  While this is reducing, wop and pop your pizza dough. On a large cutting board sprinkle some flour and unroll the dough.  For Calzone size Hot Sacks, cut the dough in half.  For palm size Hot Sacks cut the dough into fourths.  Spoon a 1/4 C of the meat/cheese mixture onto the dough, fold over one side and roll up the edges to seal the deal.  Bake on a greased cookie sheet for 20 min at 350 degrees (For best results follow the instructions on the dough).  Serve hot with a small side salad or freeze to send with the guys for lunch.  This simple recipe while rather “unique” is a great way to switch things up from the normal everyday paper sack lunch.

Easy Beef Hot Sacks
1 lb ground beef – $2.50
1 small can diced green chilies- $0.67
1 can rotel- $0.78
1 C Tostitos Medium Queso (Can Cheese)- $1.00
2 Wap & Pop Pizza Crusts- $3.45
Total Costs- $8.40 (Serves 5 easily)
Cost Per Plate- $1.68

Whether you are watching college football, spending time with loved ones or catching up on life, I hope that you will start next week feeling rested!

Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa