I love to watch what I eat, and try to eat as healthy as possible; and believe it or not, I truly love a great tasting salad. However I am very aggravated that usually salads in most restaurants today equals chicken. Which I think is really unfortunate. So when I wanted a salad but knew I could not go buy one I’d like – I created a fun and super easy salad with one of my favorite proteins 😉

Specialty pre-washed salad is one of the greatest inventions, especially for small town rural America. It brings fresh greens to the country! I love all verities of lettuce. For this salad a romaine variety is my favorite.

I like to fix this plate by plate by layering lettuce that comes packed with grated carrots, sliced radishes, sugar-snap peas and diced green onions. Then top with large-chopped pre-smoked brisket along with crumbled blue cheese tossed with a simple balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. (Kraft makes an awesome sun-dried tomato vinaigrette that is pretty dang tasty too!)

Brisket is not just for barbeque. Smoked brisket from the grocery store is a great way to have fast, easy and yummy protein in the frig. Don’t be afraid to try it in/on many different things- and leave the barbeque sauce in the pantry. Great smoked brisket doesn’t need it. 🙂

Have a fantastic week everyone – and do something fun just for yourself this week!


bagged lettuce = $3.29
fourth pound brisket = $2.10
blue cheese = $1.75
dressing of choice = $0.68
total = $7.82/ 3 servings = $2.55

(you can’t go buy any salad for that anywhere!)