Good Friday to you all! This week has been a very blessed but extremely busy week for Amy and I.  We wonder if it will ever slow down, but I am enjoying every bit of it.  Because things have been so very busy my sweet mother offered to send me a recipe to share with all of you!  I took advantage of her offer and so this post was thought up by my mamma and pictured by my sister.  My family has a very large garden and she is taking full advantage of it.  Everything in this recipe is from Mom’s garden except the cube steaks, she bought those at the grocery store.  Enjoy this little taste of home!
Pan Fried Steak and Ratatouille
1 egg plant
2 medium zucchini
1 crook neck squash
6 medium tomatoes
onion and garlic to taste
4 small cube steaks.
Slice all vegetables and place in deep pan with a little olive oil. Cook through about 10 minutes, put lid on pan and cook another 10 minutes stirring occasionally.  Season steak to taste, fry in a small amount of olive oil.  Place ratatouille on top of steak.  This can be served with many things, but my mom chose cantaloupe, also from her garden.
Pan Fried Steak and Ratatouille
Cube Steaks – $4.12
Total Cost- $4.12 (Serves 4)
Cost Per Plate- $1.03
I hope that your weekend is restful! Amy and I want to be sure that you get to read posts as consistently as possible so for the next few months we will only post on Monday and Friday!
Happy Trails!