It’s Monday and the crisp air of all has finally made it to Oklahoma, and I’m soakin’ it up – this is how the weather should be everyday! 🙂

Last week I wanted something fun and zesty and so , ta-daa  Sirloin Crepes were created in my little kitchen!

Hope you enjoy!

You’ll need to buy crepes, I found these in the produce section of our local grocery store, but I think you can find them in the frozen section.

If you have a grill, I would recommend grilling your sirloin, but since I’m a poor college student living in an apartment I have to use my cast iron skillet on the stove. Either way it still tastes great in these crepes.

Season well with Montreal steak seasoning, salt and pepper and cook to your favorite degree of done-ness. Slice across the grain in small 1/4 – 1/2 inch slices and keep warm.

In saucepan steam 5-10 asparagus spears for 5 minutes, drain and keep warm.

For the zest of the crepes, you will need to thinly slice 2 small tangerines with the peel on. The thinner you slice them, the better it will be, so use a sharp knife and watch your fingers! (I like it because it adds a hint of the tangerine zest – but if you want less of the zest, you can peel the tangerines half way, or all the way whatever you prefer.)

Slice 1/2 cup of grapes in half. In a medium-size non-stick skillet melt 3 pads of butter and add the fruit. Let simmer and cook down for a few minutes before adding  asparagus, salt and pepper.

The smell of this cooking is fantastic! Makes me hungry just writing about it! 🙂

On a plate, lay your crepe flat and ‘hit at in the micro for 20 seconds’ and lay the sliced sirloin diagonally across the middle. Spoon on your veggie/fruit mixture with a spoon so that you good the butter tangerine juice.

Be very careful rolling these, because they tear super easy! But, y’all they taste like nothing you’ve ever tasted before, and make you feel happy when you wipe your plate clean. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this new creation straight from my kitchen. Have a fantastically fun week and enjoy the crisp air of fall.


1/2 Sirloin = $1.85
Tangerines = $1.10
Grapes = $0.88
Asparagus = $1.15
Crepes = $0.35/piece
Total = $5.38