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Stew A Fuego

Well its finally Friday! This week has presented its own set of challenges, stresses, excitements and blessings.  These are the weeks that make life exciting. I am excited to share this recipe with you for several reasons.  Not only is it a great way to use a cheaper cut of beef, but preparing meals like this on Sunday night will enable you to have a reduced stress level the rest of the week.  Stew A Fuego (Stew of Fire) is quick, easy and can be cooked in the crock pot! (Although I’m a crock-pot-less college student) So head to the pantry, gather up the ingredients and cook yourself into a lower stress level!

Stew A Fuego
1 lb stew beef
1 can chili beans
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can corn
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 sliced jalapeno
1 packet ranch seasoning
1 T dried minced onion
Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chili powder and Tony Chacheries (Creole Seasoning) to taste.

Brown the beef in a skillet.  You may need to add a little bit of oil because the beef is so lean, we don’t want it to stick to the skillet! In a large stewing pot or crock pot (you lucky ones) combine the rest of the ingredients and stir together.  Drain and rinse the beans (Bean slime is gross). Include the liquid from the corn and tomatoes.  Once the beef is browned add it to the pot, you may need to add some more water too.  This can be cooked in on the low setting in the crock pot for 2 hours or so, or on the stove top for 40 minutes.  If you are cooking it on the stove you have to be careful to stir it often or it will burn.  Top the stew with some cheddar cheese and serve it with a biscuit!

Stew A Fuego
2 lb stew beef – $6.54
1 can chili beans-$0.77
1 can black beans-$0.77
1 can kidney beans-$0.77
1 can corn- $0.82
1 can diced tomatoes- $0.76
1 can tomato sauce- $0.64
1 sliced jalapeno- $0.20
1 packet ranch seasoning- $1.40
1 T dried minced onion- $0.05
Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chili powder and Tony Chacheries (Creole Seasoning) to taste. – $0.50
Total Cost (Serves 6)- $13.22
Cost Per Plate- $2.20

A great idea for this recipe is to mix the ingredients in the crock pot on Saturday night, refrigerate it, then place it in the crock and turn it on while you’re fixing Sunday breakfast.  When you get home from church a delicious, filling and warming Sunday dinner will await you! Also don’t forget that you can freeze this if you live alone like me! It makes great lunches in a hurry… just take out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave… delicious!

I loved sharing this with y’all… Happy Trails,



Pumpkin Chili

 Autumn is in the air and I’m lovin’ it! 🙂 The last two weeks I have been innovating a new recipe with pumpkin as a main ingredient – and this is was created in my little apartment kitchen. It tasted great and hope that you will give it a chance. I know it sounds rather strange, but all new things usually do.

The flavors are simple, and the pumpkin is nothing like the taste of pumpkin pie, because that is all the seasonings, boiled pumpkin is more comparable to butternut squash, but with a sweeter taste.

To create this fresh of the skillet recipe you’ll need –

1 sm. cooking pumpkin, diced
1 – ½ lb. ground beef
½ large onion chopped
1 – 24 oz can diced tomatoes
1 – 12 oz can black-eyed peas, drained and rinsed
1 – 12 oz can beef broth
1 T. fresh minced garlic
1 ½ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp pepper

When cutting the pumpkin, please use extreme CAUTION! If you have a brother or husband, please allow them to do this, but if not, have a sharp knife and be careful. Slice in half and then into quarters and cut out into long slices and dice those pieces into bite size pieces.

In a stew pot, add 3 cups water and allow to reach a roaring boil. Add the diced pumpkin and allow to boil until tender for 10-15 min. but do not overcook! Mushy pumpkin will not do for this recipe; you want the pumpkin to be tender, but not falling apart. Drain when done, and set aside.

Cook ground beef until done, add chopped onions and cook until oni ons start to caramelize. Add fresh minced garlic along with salt and pepper. Allow meat to absorb seasonings.

In the large stew pot, add the can of diced tomatoes, beef mixture and beef broth, and allow to simmer on medium-low heat for atleast 10 min. Add the rinsed black-eyed peas and pumpkin and allow the flavors time to mix on low heat for another 10 min.

Serve hot with fresh cornbread or rolls.

This is a fun, something new kinda stew/chili that I think you’ll enjoy! Try it, and tell me what you think!!!

Happy Autumn!!!


pumpkin = $1.79
ground beef = $2.45/lb = $3.67
onion = $0.89
diced tomatoes  = $0.94
black-eyed peas = $1.54
beef broth = $1.00 (on special)
seasonings = $0.85
Total = 10.69 Serves 5 = $2.14/serving

Beef Burox

One thing that I love about college is meeting new friends.  My new roomate Amanda introduced me to this recipe and its great!  These beef, cabbage and onion pastries are a great substitute for sandwiches in lunches or like we did with the leftovers it can make a great casserole dish for a quick supper.  This is one of my new fall favorites, its easy filling and super hearty. Hope you enjoy!

Beef Burox
1 lb Carne Picada or Ground Beef
1 C shredded onion
1 C shredded cabbage
1 C shredded cheddar cheese
1 pizza dough crust

Brown the beef in a skillet.  Drain off the excess fat.  In a pot add water, the beef, onion and cabbage.  Season it with a lot of salt, pepper and Tony Chacheries or your favorite creol seasoning.  Let this mixture cook down for at least 30 minutes.  Roll out your pizza dough and cut it into 3 in squares.  Put a small layer of cheese on the dough, then a tablespoon of the meat mixture.  Roll up the dough around the meat and bake for as long as the pizza dough intstructs.  Most likly near 15 minutes or until they are golden brown.  Serve with steamed vegetables or a small salad.  When I prepared this I made twice a double batch.  With one batch I made the pastries which freeze great for lunches.  With the second batch I made a casserole.   This way I kill two birds with one stone.  Lunches are made and supper is too!  To make the casserole simply line the bottom of the pan with your dough, add the cheese and meat and top with the dough again.  Delicious!

Beef Burox
1 lb Carne Picada or Ground Beef- $3.40
1 C shredded onion- $0.50
1 C shredded cabbage- $0.25
1 C shredded cheddar cheese- $0.25
1 pizza dough crust- $1.50
Total Cost – $5.90 (Serves 4)
Cost per plate – $1.47


I’m heading out the door to the Greatest Homecoming on Earth! Go Pokes!  Happy Trails,

~ Anna-Lisa

Amy’s Chili Cook-off Recipe

It’s Oklahoma State homecoming week! The campus is orange – and my week already seems like it has been going on for multiple days, instead of just the evening of Monday!

This is my second as well as my last Cowboy Homecoming – but I must say I am looking forward to spending it with dear friends, a great college and awesome autumn weather.

Tomorrow is the Harvest Carnival, and every CASNR club has games and a chili cook-off competition. This year, as Social Chair of Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, I volunteered to help my professor out and cook the chili. One of my professors got married last weekend, and is currently on his honeymoon. He was going to cook last week, while he had a house full of family and friends coming in from Texas – and I thought that was ridiculous. So – here is a downsized version of the 10 lbs. I made last night.

It tasted great, and hopefully ACT wins tomorrow! Fingers crossed, that the judges like my version of this fall favorite.

You’ll need:

3 lbs. ground beef, cooked and drained
1 lg. onion chopped
3 ½ tsp. chili powder
2 ½ tsp. salt
¾ tsp. garlic powder
¾ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. cumin ground
3 T. vinegar
3 – 1 lb. can tomato sauce
2 cups water

In large stew pot, add all ingredients to cooked/drained ground beef. Allow to simmer on low for atleast 45 min, but the longer chili cooks the better it is! Just make sure it does not stick to the bottom, and add more water if you feel it is getting to dry.

A secret at the Brown Gangs house is Chili, Chips, Cheese and Rice – it is awesome, fantastic and the only way I like to eat chili! Layer on the bottom of your bowl in this order:

Crushed Frito’s
Cooked Rice
and jalapeño’s if you like on top, along with a hearty appetite, and you’ll be satisfied!  I promise, it’s that good!

Pistol’s Firing,

beef = $2.89/lb = $8.67
seasonings = $2.10
onion = $1.86
tomato sauce = $4.16
Total = $18.89/5 = $3.77

Fried Friday Steaks

FRIED FRIDAY has arrived!  The weather is changing, the leaves are changing colors and fall is on the way!  One of my favorite fall foods is the sweet potato.  I just absolutely love them, baked, fried, sliced, whole, candied, mashed, you name it; I JUST STINKIN LOVE THEM!  Of course a meal is not a meal without the beef.  I found Sirloin steaks on sale at the grocery store and let me tell ya, steak and sweet potatoes go great together!  I have been itchin to try to fry jalapenos, and okra is one of my favorites so I decided to pair them together.  This Fried Friday meal is the great way to jump start into fall!  Head to the kitchen, put the windows up and enjoy the fresh fall air!


Fried Friday Steaks
Sirloin Steaks (enough for 4)
3 large sweet potatoes
1 bunch fresh okra
2 large jalapenos
Corn Meal
1 Stick of butter

Slice the okra and the jalapenos.  Place the okra and jalapenos in a bowl and salt them.  Let them sit salted to draw out the moisture.  next coat them in cornmeal.  Slice the sweet potatoes fairly thing.

Wrap the sliced sweet potatoes and sliced butter in tin foil.  Season the steaks to your liking and while they are on the grill, put the tin foiled sweet potatoes on the grill as well.

Cook the steaks to your desired degree of doneness, by the time the steaks are done the sweet potatoes should nearly be done.  While the steaks and potatoes are cooking fry the okra in hot oil.

Salt the okra again once it is crispy.

Fried Friday Steaks
Sirloin Steaks (enough for 4) – $10.27
3 large sweet potatoes- $3.32
1 bunch fresh okra- $2.50
2 large jalapenos- $0.30
Corn Meal- $0.20
1 Stick of butter- $0.35
Total Cost $16.94 (Serve 4)
Cost Per Plate- $4.23

I hope you enjoy this great fall meal!  The end of the week is a great excuse to eat fried food!  Have a great weekend y’all, mine is sure to be great!


Happy Trails,


~ Anna-Lisa


Amy’s asked-for Fried Rice







It is 8:30 in the evening, and I am just now finding time in my crazy Monday to post! I wanted to share one of those asked-for comfort foods that my family loves me to make. 🙂 Mom has called me atleast twice in the last six months asking the steps to making this dish, ‘just one more time, so I don’t skip one…’

I really don’t know how, or why I make fried rice like this – but it works for me. I like how it taste’s and, so does my family.

The veggies you add does not matter, add what you have and gather your family and enjoy some warm comfort food!

You’ll need:

1 iron skillet (it cooks the best in an iron skillet, brown’s the rice so much better)
1/2 onion large chopped
2 cups quick cooking rice (uncooked, white’s my favorite – but brown is good too)
2 T. minced garlic, dried
1-12 oz can broth (a good beef broth is good if it doesn’t have a lot of seasonings – chicken broth is good because it does not have weird seasonings – but use what you have)
3/4 c. water
soy sauce
2 cups fresh veggies – broccoli, sugar snap peas and shredded carrots are my favorite.
2 cups cooked beef – chopped roast, chopped sirloin or sliced-thin round steak or flank steak
pepper to taste


In a large iron skillet, (that a lid will fit) get hot, add a few teaspoons oil and saute onions until nearly tender. Add the dry rice and ‘fry’ in a small amount of oil. Just enough to keep it from sticking. I add a few teaspoons at a time, and stir regularly to keep the rice from burning. The onions will start getting dark, along with the rice. The longer you cook the rice without water, the less sticky the rice will be. I cook for atleast 8 min. sometimes longer, depending on time and if the rice is sticking bad in the skillet or not. Half way through cooking, add the dried minced garlic and stir in completely. Add soy sauce – I like the strong flavor of soy sauce – but some people don’t. Add atleast a few teaspoons.

When you feel like the rice will burn if it stays any longer without liquid – pour in broth and water. (The steam coming up can burn you – so be careful, it gets really hot) stir a couple of times, turn down heat to medium/low and top with the lid.

While cooking, chop or shred your veggies depending on what you have. You can use frozen stir-fry veggies. They do not taste as great – but work when you don’t have fresh on hand. Add to the rice, and add more liquid as needed. Allow to cook until rice is tender along with veggies. I don’t like vegetables over-cooked! I think it is a quick way to ruin them. So I like them still crisp, but not raw.

Chop the cooked beef of your choice – allow to get warm by stirring in the rice and veggies mixture for a few minutes. Add pepper to taste.  Serve in large bowl’s with spoons for a fun, something different evening meal. 

I have never had left-overs at home, everyone eats until the skillet is clean! I really think you will enjoy it too. The secret is ‘frying’ the rice long enough and seasoning to your liking – if you don’t like strong flavors, don’t add as much garlic and soy sauce – or if you like very strong flavors add more.

Tell me what your family says! I’d love to hear! 🙂

Blessings to you,

onion = $0.50
rice = $0.85
broth = $2.10
veggies = $2.08
soy sauce = $1.76
beef 2 cups = $3.00
Total = $10.29/4 = $2.57 a serving

The Monte Walsh

I am warmly welcoming Friday this week!  Ready for a long-ish weekend to rejuvenate!  I have been looking forward to this post all week… it’s a keeper folks.  I am a lover of all things fall, the food, the colors, the coffee, the pumpkin, the cool weather, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, did I mention the food?  There is just something about coming into the house chilled and warming up with something hot to drink and a great meal.  I mean think about it soups, stews, squashes, roasts and the chili… my goodness the chili.  Anyway during the fall months I love to combine a good hot sandwich with tomato soup and one of my fall favorite sandwiches is the monte cristo sandwich.  If a cattleman invented a version of the monte cristo this is what I imagine it to be.  Sourdough bread, roast beef, jalapenos and cheese…. how could it be bad right!  So…. do yourself a favor and head to the kitchen…. fix The Monte Walsh… you won’t regret it I promise!

The Monte Walsh
3 eggs
6 pieces of sourdough bread
1/2 lb deli roast beef
Jalapeno jelly
Sliced Jalapenos
Cheddar Cheese

Whisk the eggs together in a bowl.  Soak the bread in the egg batter like you are fixing french toast. 

Spray a non stick skillet with pam and brown one side of the bread.

Flip the pieces over.  On one side spread Jalapeno jelly.

I used Knotts Berry farm jelly because it was what I found but feel free to use your favorite brand!

Next add a hefty layer of roast beef and sprinkle slices of jalapeno.

Next top with the cheese and close ‘er in with the other slice of bread.

Brown both sides, flipping the sandwich very carefully.  Serve hot alone or with soup!

The Monte Walsh Costs
3 eggs – $0.40
6 pieces of sourdough bread- $0.75
1/2 lb deli roast beef – $3.50
Jalapeno jelly- $1.00
Sliced Jalapenos- $0.35
Cheddar Cheese- $1.20
Total Costs – $7.20 (Serves 3)
Cost Per Plate – $2.40

I hope that you enjoyed this new twist on an old classic… I sure enjoyed creating it!  I promise this will leave your guys quoting Monte Walsh himself…

“When we get through… you’re gonna want to take a nap, sit on the porch and wait for the mares to come callin” ~ Tom Selleck, Monte Walsh.

Happy Trails!