I LOVE FOOD! Have I ever mentioned that? I mean I’m not really into fancy foods, but just deliciously simple, sometimes unique, plain ole normal people food. There is something about taking raw ingredients and turning them into delicious dishes with a hint of awesomeness and all made with love.  I was thinking about what to fix for supper last night and it dawned on me… why not fry steak in butter? I mean it makes everything taste better why not steaks?  See I found these real thin sirloin steaks at WalMart and I thought they would fry decently so I went for it.  I have to tell you that the results were outstanding so I decided to post them for you today!  I also found a new use for spray oil.  See I always use spray oil so things wont stick, but last night I thought why not actually spray it on the food… I know right… blonde moment turned genius.  So I did it and considering my sweet potato obsession what better first go out of the gate than to try it on sweet potatoes.  This would have been a great meal to enjoy watching the first round of the NFR, if I had the right ESPN channel or for that matter any ESPN channel! HA  Have a look, give it a try and loose the mind-set that you will get chunky using butter cause everything is healthy in moderation.

Butter Fried Steak
1/2 lb thin cut sirloin tip steaks
1/2 stick butter
1 sweet potato
Spray oil
2T flour
Cinnamon, Season Salt, Pepper
1 Can Stewed Tomatoes

Slice the sweet potato into 1/4 inch thick slices.  Spray your baking stone with oil, lay out the sweet potatoes and spray them with oil too.  Sprinkle season salt and cinnamon on the slices.  Bake in a 350 oven for 20 minutes.


With about 10 minutes left on the sweet potatoes cut the butter into chunks and place in your cast iron pan.  Lightly flour the steaks.

You don’t want too much flour or they wont fry well because butter does not get as hot as oil and will burn faster, so you need to flour them a little lighter than you would for oil frying them.  Once the butter is hot, lay the steaks in the pan.  The nice thing about frying with oil is that it doesn’t pop, the not so great thing is that once it heads to burn it will go there in a hurry so be careful, burnt butter is not very yummy.  Lightly season the steaks with salt and pepper.  They wont need much because of the buttery goodness.


***Should you desire to make gravy you are a step ahead because adding butter to the grease is one of my gravy tricks.  I didn’t fix gravy, not because I don’t need it (which I don’t) but because we were out of milk.  To fix quick gravy, using a whisk, whisk in about 3 T of flour.  Slowly add milk.  Again BE CAREFUL you don’t get the butter too hot!***


I served the steak and potatoes with stewed tomatoes.  See I love tomatoes with supper, problem is come December tomatoes get a) expensive and b) not very good, so I learned to serve stewed canned tomatoes from my Pappa.  He loved them.  Simply pour the can’s contents into a container.

Use a fork to pluck out a few slices of tomato and save the liquid to use in soup or sauce.  A quick, delicious and out of the ordinary simple meal.  ENJOY!


Butter Fried Steak
1/2 lb thin cut sirloin tip steaks – $2.30
1/2 stick butter- $0.50
1 sweet potato- $0.68
Spray oil, 2T flour,Cinnamon, Season Salt, Pepper – $0.80
1 Can Stewed Tomatoes- $0.60
Total Cost- $4.88 (Serves 2)
Cost per plate- $2.44

Quick Tips From Anna-Lisa

  • Notice that I used a cool whip container to save the tomatoes.  There is nothing wrong with that! Keeping those kind of containers is just plain smart!  However, please don’t be the embarrassing mom that send them to school in your kids lunches… just not cool.
  • Spray oil can be used for a multitude of things Amy uses it to spray her hands before kneading things and to spray the measuring cup before measuring stick things like honey and syrup.


Until We Meet Again,