Good afternoon from the winter wonderland of Oklahoma! Snow and ice have been the topics of conversation of everyone I know! Last week proved to be short – I only went to class on Monday and Friday. I had cabin fever by the 3rd straight day indoors. You know you have way to much time on your hands when you watch Lonesome Dove and John Wayne all in one day! 🙂 If I was at home, I’d be out breaking ice or keeping food and hot chocolate ready. But here, you just stay inside and stare at each other!

Nonetheless, I think I’ll get to do it again this week. Starting tomorrow we are projected to have up to 10 inches of snow again. I’m just thankful I have such great friends to spend time with on these snowy days. And for some reason, when you have nothing to do, you’re hungry all the time. That’s when food like Jalapeño Steak Poppers are fantastic! This recipe was created on a whim, and I must say I enjoyed every single bit, and I’m pretty sure you will too. 🙂

Jalapeño Steak Poppers:
1 can flaky biscuits
1/4 pkg. cream cheese, cut into 2 in square pieces
1/8 pkg. Velveeta, cut into 2 in square pieces
3 c. sliced grilled steak and caramelized onions
Mozzetta Tamed Jalapeño’s slices

Grease a large baking sheet. Open biscuits and allow a few minutes for the biscuits to loose their chill. Carefully peel each biscuit in half.


On the bottom half of each biscuit layer a couple spoon fulls of steak, both cheeses and a few slices of Jalapeño’s.


Take the top half of each biscuit and seal around the entire biscuit. So as little cheese as possible leaks out during cooking.

Bake in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes until biscuits are golden brown.


Serve with sliced Jalapeño’s for a fun warm meal! It’s great to make leftovers and warm the next day for lunch that you can brown-bag or eat at home. Try it out, add different ingredients for a new twist, but most of all enjoy!!!


Hope everyone stays warm and that everyone’s cattle weather this new storm okay!

Talk to you next week,




1 can biscuits = $1.18
cream cheese = $0.45
Velveeta = $0.38
grilled steak = $2.00
total = $4.01/6 = $0.66 a biscuit