Happy February 28th!

I’ve been compiling this post all day  in my head. Because I’m so excited about this recipe as well as the good news I have about Friday’s post!

But first things first recipe experiment – I mean invention on the family…

I had an awesome weekend – I got to visit my family in Throckmorton. While I was there, I decided to treat my extended family to a Sunday dinner. Since I’ve lived the last 10 years away from Sunday’s with all the Brown family,  I wanted to take the need-to-cook feeling away from my Grandmom as well as try out a new idea I’ve had ‘simmering’ in my mind.

I know that comment sounds completely loony, but this summer I heard about cooking a sirloin in the oven. I had never contemplated ever cooking a steak in such a manner. However, a whole semester of consideration every time I walked by the grocery store meat-case I finally decided why not give it a try.

I know – I probably should’ve not experimented on my family on a Sunday morning. I realized that at nine as I was rushing around a kitchen I hardly ever cook in, in my pj’s and still needing to take a shower and get to church on time. I knew I needed to cook it while we were at church, but didn’t know what temp, or how long I should. So I called my expert beef chef, aka Dad and told him my idea and what he thought.

I knew with a sirloin, I wasn’t going to ruin the cut of meat – so I just went for it. And y’all if I do say so myself – it turned out well! I think I’ll keep experimenting with different seasonings; however I will most definitely cook a sirloin like this again.

Since it was such a hectic morning, I only have the end-result picture and didn’t have time to mess with taking step-by-step pictures. I’m sorry, I apologize! I’m also mad because I didn’t think to take a picture of all the family gathered around the dinner table! So DUMB of me!!! I was just soaking up the time and conversation with all of them I was not thinking logically!

For Easy Sunday Sirloin, Bourbon Carrots and Green Beans

You’ll Need:

3 large sirloins (7 lbs)
Beef Mesquite Rub
1 ½ cans Chicken Broth*
Large roasting pan

*I know, chicken broth on beef. I wish I could use canned beef broth, but they add so many weird seasonings to all the canned beef broth that it affects the end flavor of my recipes. So I have to use chicken broth because it doesn’t compete with whatever other seasonings I’m using.

Coat heavily with mesquite rub both sides of the sirloins. You can either sprinkle heavily, or rub with your fingers. (I have done both ways.)

In the large roasting pan lay sirloins on one side. Brown each side for 2-4 minutes a side and turn. Poor chicken broth and sprinkle with more mesquite rub. Place in 300 degree oven for 2 hours in uncovered roasting pan, or until tender.

When tender – take steaks out, and cover to keep warm. In large saucepan poor hot broth and whisk in 1 tablespoon at a time of white flour. Allow to simmer, and add as much flour as you like until you reach desired gravy consistency. (HINT: allow to simmer atleast a minute or two between adding flour, because the gravy doesn’t thicken instantly.)

Allow each person to ladle as much gravy as they like onto the sirloin.

Bourbon Carrots

I found this recipe in one of Grandmom’s cookbooks of a great Buffalo Gap, Texas cowboy cook, Tom Perini. I cannot take the credit for inventing this recipe, but I so, so wish I had! I’ve done carrots similar to this – but lacking that distinct added goodness bourbon can bring.

2 lbs. baby carrots, boiled until tender and drained
¼ c. brown sugar
¼ c. melted butter
2-4 T. bourbon

Boil carrots before going to church. Drain and add the remaining ingredients. Turn of the heat – when you get back from church warm them back up and serve! Super easy! My ‘kinda cookin’! (you can leave out the bourbon if you so desire, however I say live a lil’ and give it a try!)

Green Beans

I know I’ve posted this recipe before. It’s my fall back to, under pressure way to cook canned green beans. The trick to making canned green beans taste great… is draining! If you don’t you get that metallic-like, salty taste, that I just frankly don’t like.

3 c. green beans drained
4 T. butter
½ tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

Warm until butter is melted and green beans are heated through. Serve hot.

Serve with a fun spring salad with vinaigrette and warm rolls for a scrumptious lunch with the family!

Total Cost:

Sirloin = $3.15/lb = $22.19
Seasonings = $1.00
Broth = $2.65
Bourbon Carrots = $5.47
Green Beans = $2.50

Total = $33.81/13 = $2.60 a plate

Now to the good news!! It is with great pleasure, excitement, joy, smiles… okay I think you get the picture – I announce that my sisters Lydia Ann 14, and Amanda Grace 12 are going to start guest posting on Friday’s!

I don’t know if they are as excited as I am. However, the morning I asked if they’d be interested. They cooked a  meatloaf recipe which in the words of my mom

“We couldn’t get enough of…” and it will be coming your way Friday.

So be sure to check back in – because y’all there’s gonna be two Brown girl  recipes this week. Lydia and Amanda are working on their post and personal introductions,  and I cannot wait for y’all to get to know my sweet sisters.

They are two of the handiest cowgirls I know! They are beautiful young ladies striving to serve the Lord. They are as talented inside the kitchen as they are horseback checking cattle. I’m hoping you enjoy teenage girl’s perspective of cooking for my on-the-go family and ranch cowboys. Let me know what you think, I love hearing from you!

Have an awesome week y’all, and as always God bless you,