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Lydia’s Egg Rolls, Amanda’s Fried Rice

Egg Rolls and Fried Rice

Hello! sorry we didn’t post last week, its pretty busy round here.

Mom brought home these egg roll wraps and it sounded good so we tried them, I did the egg rolls and Amanda did the fried rice, it turned our really good!!

Egg Rolls

You’ll need:

Melissa’s egg roll wraps

1Tbsp. canola oil

1/2lb. ground beef

1 pkg. vegetable stir fry

1/2 cup shredded carrots

1 cup shredded cabbage

1/2 half oinon (cooked slightly in sauce pan)

Sea salt

Rainbow pepper

1 tsp. Minced garlic

1/2 tsp. Chopped ginger

3 Tbsp. soy sauce

1 egg, beaten with 1 tbsp. water

Heat oil in large sauce pan. When hot add beef and stir fry to break up chunks. drain pan and add vegetables, garlic and ginger. stir fry until tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Drain mixture, stir in soy sauce.

Spoon about 2 Tbsp. of the mixture onto one third of the egg roll wrapper, leaving a small border around the edges.

Roll up and brush a little of the egg/water mixture on the edge of the wrapper to seal.
Fry in hot oil until browned, drain and serve with any Asian style sauce.

You could put pretty much any vegetables you want in this, These are just the ones we used.

Fried Rice:

You’ll need:

precooked white rice

soy sauce


1 egg

Put rice in a lightly sprayed skillet, and begin to fry moving it around slowly, when it kinda starts to fry pour some oil on it (it depends on how much rice you have to tell how much oil you need but not a whole lot ) and continue to move it around, turn the burner on low, move the rice all to one side where have the pan is open, and pour some oil and fry an egg, your don’t want the egg runny, but you don’t want it stiff either, so about in between 🙂 when it gets done chop it up with your spatula (really little) and mix in with the rest of the rice, then pour a little soy sauce on the rice, and continue to fry, if it gets dry put more oil, the rice will get brown when its done (its not very good when you try to keet it warm, so have the rest of your meal ready when you start this):) . Amy would usually put lots of precooked veggies in this but we didn’t this time, probably better if you do though. 🙂



Summer Steak Salad

The sun is shinning warm and bright here on the campus of Oklahoma State. The high winds have been replaced with a nice breeze and on days like today you know the summer-time is coming. 🙂

Earlier this week I eat at Panera Bread and ordered their new Steak and White Cheddar Panini, choose the pick two, was kind of upset they didn’t have a beef salad so ordered their new spring salad. The combo was just so tasty, I decided I wanted to try and re-create it, wa-la, here is my twist on easy Steak and Fun Salad!

You’ll Need:
1 bag spring mix salad
1/2 lb. tenderized round steak
1 bottle Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 c. orange juice
3-4 clementines
1/2 c.  dried apples
Salt and Pepper to taste

Place tenderized round steak in small container. Add 1/2 cup vinaigrette and 1/4 c orange juice and allow to marinade for 3o minutes. Drain juice and pan-fry in a none-stick skillet with a few teaspoons of oil to keep from sticking. Cook for 2-3 minutes a side depending on the thickness of the meat. Place on paper-towel covered plate and pat excess oil off with another paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cut into very small thin pieces. Allow to cool.

Peel clementines, and toss rest of ingredients together in a salad bowl, drizzling with raspberry vinaigrette.(I love the raspberry vinaigrette, and I think you will too!)

Serve as a simple one-course meal, or as a side dish to a fun sandwich like I had at panera. The flavors are so light and spring-y! Gave me a taste into the fun summer dishes to come. I’m ready to say good-bye to hotter dishes of winter, and hello to spring flavor!

Hope you enjoy!



bag spring mix salad = $3.11
tenderized round steak = $2.55
bottle Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette = $3.19
orange juice = $0.89
clementines = $0.75
dried apples = $0.35
Total = $$10.85/5 = $2.71 a serving

Beef = Best way to get Vitamins!


Good afternoon!

I hope you’re Friday is going great! I really don’t know where my week went – seems like it should still be Wednesday, yet it’s not! My sisters were planning on posting today, however, with my brother Griffin (19) in surgery right now as I type, it has kind of through a ‘kink’ of sorts in our plan.

Griffin is having stretched ligaments reattached in his left shoulder due to a hunting injury that happened this winter. The doctor was hoping that he’d not have to have surgery, but it refuses to heal, so Dr. Smith is working on a 3rd Brown guy in the last 4 years. I guess you could say we’re pretty good customers, but as ranch guys – I guess that just comes with the territory of what we do. We appreciate all of your prayers, I know many of you will lift Griffin up in prayer after you read this, and that is so encouraging to me! I have such awesome, wonderful friends and followers here on

This semester, I am in Animal Science 2253 Meat Animal and Carcass class taught by Dr. Gretchen Hilton, a Texan here at OSU from Archer City. After I told my mom who my professor was, she reminded me that my sisters have competed with her niece at Jr. Rodeo’s many years ago, and my mom remembers her barrel horses years ago while they were in college. Agriculture truly is such a small world! 🙂

Alas, the point of my story – last week’s presentation was on Meat in the Diet. It was a great presentation, and I felt many of my followers would find this information helpful, and encouraging about the benefits of beef  in their quest of a healthy diet. To view the power point click here: Meat in the Diet

I encourage you to look through this powerpoint, and hopefully be encouraged to consume more dark green vegetables, and more ZIP rich BEEF!

The one slide that I really wanted to talk about was that and I quote: “The US Centers for Disease Control Estimates that approximately 700,000 toddlers and 7.8 million woman in the US have iron deficiencies.

Y’all, that is so sad! 700,000 precious toddlers are not getting enough iron!


According to this link: Centers of Disease and Prevention

What is iron deficiency and why is it a concern?

Iron deficiency is a condition resulting from too little iron in the body. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency and the leading cause of anemia in the United States.1

The terms anemia, iron deficiency, and iron deficiency anemia often are used interchangeably but equivalent. Iron deficiency ranges from depleted iron stores without functional or health impairment to iron deficiency with anemia, which affects the functioning of several organ systems.2

Iron deficiency is a concern because it can:

  • Iron deficiency can delay normal infant motor function (normal activity and movement) or mental function (normal thinking and processing skills).
  • Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy can increase risk for small or early (preterm) babies. Small or early babies are more likely to have health problems or die in the first year of life than infants who are born full term and are not small.
  • Iron deficiency can cause fatigue that impairs the ability to do physical work in adults. Iron deficiency may also affect memory or other mental function in teens.


As you can see, iron is very vital and needed to be healthy, happy person. Back to Dr. Hilton’s slide, Iron from beef (which is heme iron) is more easily used by the body than iron from plants.

Look at these figures:

To get the same amount of iron as that found in 3 ounces of cooked sirloin, you have to consume:



2 1/3

Canned kidney beans

5 ¼

Raw spinach

10 ½

Raw broccoli


Cooked corn



I don’t know about y’all, but that’s a lot of veggies! I am wanting to do more research about this, and see what I can do to help young moms, and woman across America learn how to eat healthier and consume more meat, so they can have the happy lifestyle they are wanting!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this change of pace for this beautiful Friday! Let me know what you think and if y’all would like more information like this posted at a more scheduled time, please let me know!


God Bless You,



Carne Gusada

Y’all I just love San Antonio! It is the place for memories, and boy do I have a lotta good memories there! Last year my brother RA met his the love of his life  along the river walk, and there is always awesome food, fun music and streets steeped in rich Texas History!

It was so good to listen to sessions pertaining to my favorite topic of ranching. I think it is the sign of wisdom and knowledge when you realize you really don’t know it all! I hope I never stop enjoying learning – because well, I just simply have too much fun at it. I also loved spending time with good friends I’d not seen in a long time. After being at the convention all day on Saturday, attending great sessions like:

How We’ll Feed the World
Dennis Avery, Hudson Institute
“Populations with increasing incomes want more and better protein. We face the challenge of feeding a lot more and a lot richer people without taking a lot of land from nature.” The United Nations (U.N.) projects world propulation will reach more than 9 billion by 2050, and will require 100 percent more food than we now produce. Avery, senior fellow and director for the Hudson Institute Center for Global Food Issues, Churchville, Va., will discuss these and other complcating factors of how we’ll feed the world.

and my favorite by the talented Mrs. McAdams!

What Are Scientists Thinking About,
Hosted by the Agricultural Research Committee
Branding and product expert Dr. Molly McAdams, formerly v.p. of Own Brand for H-E-B stores, will explore how economic trends and consumer preferences drive new product development and merchandising innovations in meat sales.

I went back to the historic Menger hotel changed and went out on the town to the Cattle Raisers Dance at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum for a night of fun, and homemade tortilla’s and carne gusada! Oh y’all, I was in heaven! I stood by the table, watched these hardworking and expert cooks as they prepared probably my all-time favorite Mexican dish. My Uncle Jody and I, we just didn’t want to move – but savored every bite of the rich, delicate flavors of true-blue way to eat BEEF and Green Chilies!!!

I really couldn’t believe my luck, that the dish I’d prepared at home during spring break was being prepared for me! I do hope that you’ve tried this before, but if not – well, indulge, you won’t regret a single bite!

Carne Gusada

Please do forgive the awful pictures, they were taken by yours truly, with my mom’s point in shoot camera that apparently I don’t know how to focus properly! Aggravating! 😦 don’t let terrible photo’s keep you from testing this recipe out!!

You’ll need:

2 lbs. cubed round steak
2 tbsp. flour
1/4 c. minced onion
1 jar diced tomatoes
Salt & pepper to taste
1 jar green chilies
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. chili powder
1/2 c. beef broth
Brown meat in vegetable oil. Sprinkle with flour. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Simmer covered at least 2 hours; add beef broth or water if needed. Serve with warm tortilla, (flour tortillas).
Serve with homemade tortillas if you have them, or any flour tortillas for that matter and enjoy!!
I can’t believe I only have 40+ days left of college. I’m so ready to be done, but know I’ll be a little sad to see this portion of my life come to a close. However, I can’t wait for the next portion of my life. I’m looking forward to keeping you informed about my next adventure! 🙂
Have a great week,

cubed round steak = $3.45/lb = $6.90
minced onion = $0.50
tomato = $0.65
beef broth = $0.45
seasonings = $1.00
tortillas = $2.11
Total = $11.61/5 = $2.32 a serving

Texas Cattle Raisers Convention

Good afternoon from San Antonio, Texas and the 2011 Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention.

It truly is a honor and a privilege to be in the same place with hundreds of cattlemen who represents 2 + million Texas beef that are feeding a hungry world.

These men and woman invest their life to producing highest quality protein in the meat case. When others go home at the end of work at 5 o’clock, have work-free weekends and enjoy vacations and snow days. These men and woman stay active in their never ending quest of being the first true environmentalist, caretakers of animals and the backbone of the world keeping millions of people the ability to walk into a grocery store and have the opportunity to have stocked shelves.

Today, Texas Beef Council President Richard Wortham’s presentation on beef promotion at the TSCRA directors meeting is highlighting this site and Anna-Lisa and I’s desire to encourage beef consumption.

I have to say it is very humbling. I am truly just following my passions – doing nothing special, other than telling my story.

I encourage all of you to do the same. To follow your passion and tell your personal story. We all have a special story, because we are all unique, one-of-a-kind individuals with our own way of life and personal experiences.

I apologize that this week has been recipe-free. This week truly, y’all, has been so very hectic! But I promise we’ll get back in the swing soon and get you some beef ideas to try soon!

If you’d like to know more about TSCRA, please visit:

And the convention link:

Have a blessed weekend! Talk to you next week, (and in the mean time I’m soaking up being in a Yellow Rose city and staying at the historic Menger Hotel across the street from The Alamo. For a proud Texan and a lover of history I’m in heaven! 🙂