Beef on a Budget came about because two ranch girls, Anna-Lisa Giannini from north-eastern California, and Amy Brown from the panhandle of Texas, packed up their bags, defied family educational tradition and transferred to Oklahoma State University. Both met each other during the fall of their junior year and a fast friendship was founded on their similarities of Faith in Christ, Love of Family and Deep Roots in the Beef Industry.

Each love where they came from and the values that growing up on a ranch instilled in them. When girls grow up in a ranch house far from town down a long dirt road, they just have a different viewpoint and way of thinking about life. Responsibility, Courage, Diligence, Honesty and Innovation are just a few of the qualities that mold and shape ranch kids; from the time they can walk and take care of animals until they leave the ranch to chase their dreams and their educational goals.

For both Amy and Anna-Lisa the desire to go back and live on a ranch again is not just a question, it’s only a matter of when. While they complete their degrees and internships they know that each day away from the lifestyle they hold dear, is just another day to appreciate their heritage and to promote and endorse the life of the American Rancher. To highlight and showcase the men and women who produce the healthy, wholesome food product that feeds a nation, that feeds the world, the people who raise the beef for the meat case. Our Heritage demands it, our Future requires it, our Passion defines it!

Beef on a Budget is what Anna-Lisa and Amy feel like they can do to contribute to beef. To encourage the consumption and nutritional benefits of the great product that is their family’s livelihood. To share recipes ideas and quick shortcuts for people who want great food FAST and EASY and AFFORDABLE.

Come by often, the site will be ever updating and expanding with new recipes we have created.  Leave comments of what you would like to know more about, and tips you can share with our readers in your day to day life of eating the tastiest protein source in the meat case!

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