We believe that healthy living is an everyday life choice, and we love to eat healthy each day as well.  A great way to eat healthy is to keep beef on your menu daily.  With the help of Texas Beef Council, we are going to dispel some myths about beef, look at some of the nutritional benefits of eating beef, and look at how beef stacks up to the competition.

Myth #1 – Beef is too fattening, it contains too much fat to be even considered in a healthy diet and leads to obesity.

Fact #1– According to research compiled by the Texas Beef Council, beef is ounce for ounce just as lean as chicken.  On average 3 oz of lean beef contains only 6 grams of fat.  By the way, that is less than a tablespoon of olive oil, and fewer calories than a bagel or soda.  Let us also keep in mind that the American Dietetic  Association does not recommend the elimination of fat in the diet, as it is a necessary nutrient needed for energy and the transport of nutrients, but instead warns us just not to overdo it!

Myth #2 – Chicken always contains less fat than beef.

Fact #2 – There is a huge difference between a chicken breast and a chicken thigh.  Let’s look at how the seven skinny cuts compare to chicken.

Figure 1 – Texas Beef Council Research

As you see in this chart.  There are major differences in fat content between a chicken breast and a chicken thigh.  Not only can you realize the benefit of eating beef in place of chicken thighs for a healthier, lower fat protein source, but did you know that beef contains greater levels of other nutrients that make it nutritionally superior as well?

Myth #3– All protein sources are created equal.

Fact #3 – Calorie for calorie, lean beef has more nutrients than any other food source.  Beef is packed with necessary nutrients.  A great example is Iron.  This vital mineral is found in several foods, and is very necessary to health.  Iron helps to deliver oxygen to your cells and muscles, which gives you the energy you need to make it through that afternoon class, chase your children around, or to spend a day in the saddle.  On average beef contains 3 times more iron than chicken, maybe this is why they say the west wasn’t won on chicken?  Beef is most certainly one of the best dietary sources of iron and helps to prevent anemia.  These are your choices…

Figure 2 – Texas Beef Council