Wow, a year can go by faster than a girl would really like to believe, 365 days ago I cooked a steak with my friend Anna in her lil’ apartment in Stillwater. We were two girls missing ranch life, and good food. We’d had both attended the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meeting two weeks before and heard how consumers were wanting fast  money-saving meals.

One of the speakers mentioned that beef is hard for consumers to view as economical. They usually view it as a high-end product only. I remember Anna and I were visiting about what he said, and I have to confess to y’all – our blood pressure was on the rise. We had both feasted on an awesome steak meal for $3.69 a serving and just really felt like proving the world wrong!

While we were ardently discussing this misconception, I suddenly remembered my Mimi and the idea she had planted years before in a steakhouse in Midland, Texas.

“Amy, I see you in life creating something that promotes beef. Sharing how healthy and good-tasting it is…”

We contemplated ideas of ways to get the point across that even as college students – we were still getting to eat a Sunday steak! We talked about a website, and through our joint discussion the name and site was born.

It was a rainy day, and instead of working on homework– we started this. We really had no idea what would transpire. The next day, I sent out an email to my address book with the following:

February 22, 2010
Hello Everyone!

I am emailing all my friends and family about a new website that my friend Anna-Lisa and have founded. The inspiration for the site came from a desire to contribute to the beef industry by encouraging the consumption, and nutritional benefits of beef, and to share recipes ideas and quick shortcuts for people who want great food FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE.

You have a personal invitation from me to stop by and check out a new marketing tool to increase beef consumption, dispel the myths about the product as well as showcase the ability to stretch your dollar in this economy, while still eating high class!

Please come by often, the site will be ever updating and expanding. Leave comments of what you would like to know more about, and tips you can share with our readers in your day to day life of eating the tastiest protein source in the meat case!

Have a great day and God Bless,


In the span of 8 days – we’d had 1,977 visits. Talk about making two ranch girl’s eyes bulge! There was a lot of swallowing, sweaty hands, and “Oh my Lord! What have we done!…”

I truly had no idea, that something I could do – could bring that kind of response. I was humbled, amazed and honored that a passion of mine could evoke a reaction from hundreds of other people. In the ensuing days, weeks and months I have learned the power of pursuing my passion. Today marks the 365th day of an idea, a dream, a passion, a website:  The current number of times this website has been visited in year is: 20,142.

The has been featured in different publications and different websites around the country. I got to give two cooking demo’s during the Oklahoma Beef Cook-off and know many more possibilities can transpire – if I continue to pursue my dreams. I’ll never be a Paula Deen, Rachel Ray or even Ree Drummond. All I can be is myself.

This year’s anniversary is kind of bitter-sweet.  A year ago, I could pick up the phone and call my PawPaw and tell him the latest ‘website news’. I know many of y’all read my tribute to him in August. He and Mimi were very proud that I had finally decided to try something to promote beef.

I have to say this last year had not been easy. I have had to grow and mature more in 2010 than I have ever had to before. I must admit, this New Year’s Eve was the first time I was excited to ‘ring in a new year’. I was ready to be finished with 2010.

Nevertheless I know the trials and struggles I faced in 2010 are helping to mold me into the person God created me to be.

I still living in Oklahoma, and will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communications. The next day I’ll pack my bags and move back to where my heart lives; the family ranch in the Texas Panhandle.

The heritage of my grandfather, T.L. Giffin II is living on, through the next generation. On January 1st 2011 my parents took possession of the T2 Griffin Ranch outside of Channing, Texas. With the expansion of our ranching operation, my parents offered my brother RA and I full-time jobs. RA is managing the Channing ranch, and upon completion of my education I will take over the day-to-day work in the ranch office.  And in the great words of John Wayne on The Cowboys “And that gentlemen is when school will really begin…”

I am excited for the new challenges and the gained rewards. I am living a dream. Due to the hard work and dedication of my family, I have the ability to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and move back to ranch country.

I of all people know it will not be easy, but there is no other place I would rather be. No other job I’d rather have, and no other life I’d rather lead.

I want to continue for many years to come. Because raising a quality beef to feed the world is now not just paying the bills for my family, but will soon be the source of my paycheck as well.

Thank you for supporting our passion for beef – I truly appreciate it!

May God bless you all, each and every one. Always look for the silver-lining; and never ever stop dreaming, because you never know where your passion will take you.

~ Amy